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“103 new steps of active sales”, we invite Dmitry Tkachenko to the author’s training

“103 new steps of active sales”, we invite Dmitry Tkachenko to the author’s training

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October 07, 2016 B2B basis company conducts Dmitry Tkachenko’s original training “103 new steps of active sales” for managers responsible for organizing sales and sales specialists.

You can take part in the conference only in Moscow. About 300 participants are expected.

Heads and employees of sales departments, customer service managers, owners and heads of enterprises responsible for sales and marketing development are invited to participate.

The training is aimed at professionals who have long been working in sales from small, medium and large businesses.

The concept of the event: to convey to the participants new tools and techniques for concluding deals, most of which have not yet been described in books and are unknown to buyers or competitors.

As a result of training, students:

1. will increase the effectiveness of Cold Calls;

2. will increase personal sales by 1,5-2 times thanks to new and proven methods of "closing" deals;

3. learn to sell “Expensive” through persuasion skills and the use of “advanced” argument mapping technologies;

4. learn step-by-step bargaining algorithms and practice the skills of countering client manipulation.

Instead of hackneyed and completely ineffective answers to the client’s objections, participants will receive really working technologies. These tools are one of the most successful, thought out and tested in real sales.

Training producer Andrei Veselov: “I attended a lot of sales trainings, all of them are very similar to each other. As a rule, half of the time is spent on terminology, and about half more on standard techniques. Finding a working new chip is real luck. That is why I asked Dmitry Tkachenko to conduct a “haphazard training” for those who have long been engaged in sales and talk about those tricks that are rarely found in books and are unknown to most sales managers and purchasers. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who communicates with clients over the phone or in meetings. ”

About the author: Dmitry Tkachenko is a sales coach with 12 years of experience. Three times in the TOP-10 of the best trainers in Russia in the field of sales. The author of nine books on sales and negotiations, 3 of which are business bestsellers.

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed training program and feedback from participants, as well as receive gifts from Dmitry Tkachenko on the official website of the event:

Or by phone: 8 (495) 215-16-15

Hotel Beta, Izmailovo, g.Moscow
8 (495) 215-16-15

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