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5 reasons hindering your development

5 reasons hindering your development

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Did you want to take part in the amazing Sales and Marketing 2015 conference, but still haven't decided?

Reason 1: Laziness.

In 2015 it is not necessary to go to Moscow - you will see and hear everything via the Internet. Stop watching TV! Sales & Marketing 2015 conference is much more useful.

Or maybe you don’t want to change something? (then read on, especially for you - reason No. 5)! :)

Reason 2: Time.

Are you spinning like a squirrel in a wheel? “I don’t have time, I have to work! I can’t leave the company.” Stop! The exercise! Write (in percent) how much time per month you spend
A) to change business processes and marketing
B) for management
C) for execution (whatever)

If your “A” indicator is less than 50% or “B” is more than 20%, immediately drop everything and come to the conference (on the VIP day, March 22). Stop plugging holes with yourself. It's time to break out of the routine!

If your “A” indicator is more than 50%, come anyway. You will be able to understand what works and what does not and correctly prioritize for 2015.

Reason 3: Money.

"Expensive!?". We have gathered more than 30 experts for you in one place. You would attend half of the master classes you need separately for about a month, spend 10 times more time on the road and pay 5 times more than the cost of the conference.

“What if it’s not useful and not interesting? And I’ll waste my time and money” ... Can anyone seriously think that it is impossible to learn anything from the best speakers of the country, authors of books? If before lunch every day you feel that your investment in the conference will not pay off, we will refund your money, no questions asked and no clarification of the reasons.

Reason 4: Doubts about utility.

Half of what you learn is not yet described in books and other companies do not know about it. Having implemented at least 10% of the knowledge gained at the conference, you will get a good competitive advantage.

Many people ask: "Is it possible to cover a topic in 30-45 minutes, wouldn't it be too superficial?" Yes, of course, you will not get a deep understanding of each topic, but quickly understand what works and what does not; what is worth spending your time on, and what will not bring profit, you can.

Reason 5: You are all happy.

"Why should I change something. Everything suits me ...".

Imagine a business as an escalator that you need to go in the opposite direction. If you are demolished by 1% back, then in 365 days your turnover will fall 30 times. Therefore, we must constantly improve our activities. A daily increase in turnover of just 1% will increase your 1 profit by 37 times.

Here is the "magic pill" of a successful leader:

1.01 ^ 365 = 37.8

0.99 ^ 365 = 0.03

Good motivator to take action?

Or do you think: "Someday later! There will be another conference ..."?

Next in 2016. Will you live for sure? How much money can you lose during this time? By the way, the video recordings of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 conferences are still not declassified and are not available for free access (we do not reveal new steps, at least 2 of the year).

Act! Follow the link, click on the "Register" button and select the appropriate package:

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