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Selfie! A modern PR tool for your business?

Selfie! A modern PR tool for your business?

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With the development of technology, the most unexpected solutions began to be used as PR tools ...

Do you use selfies for example in marketing and PR?

Approximately 99% of readers will answer “No” and this is probably a mistake! But all developing companies are well aware of the importance of understanding modern trends in the world, which is relevant, fashionable, interesting among potential consumers, customers, partners, how to convey a message in a saturated information environment ?! Today, informal communication is relevant, in a sense, "getting closer to the consumer."

Selfie of a serious inaccessible director against the background of the employees at the meeting “catches”, stirs up interest now more than “dry” official news in the general news feed. Selfie is one of the modern solutions, which is one of the effective tools for attracting attention.

You will learn first-hand from 60 the TOP international experts for 4 days at “Russian Marketing Week '2016” how to adapt PR-extraordinary tools to your business and get the highest quality feedback.



  • 4 of the day, 2 parallel hall, expo zone

  • 1500 delegates from 20 countries of the world,

  • 350 media partners,

  • over 500 companies connected to the online broadcast.

  • Networking



Jewelry House Estet, g.Moscow

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