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What to do if you were told "NO"?

What to do if you were told "NO"?

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What to do if you were told "NO"?

How often do customers refuse you? What about business partners?

Working with objections is extremely important in any field of activity, whether it is selling laptops or political debates. How competently you can convince a client to take your side is the key to the success of your business.

30 of October - November 2 in Moscow will be held Russian Sales Week 2013 - The largest annual forum on the construction, development and automation of the sales system.

Dmitry Lants, Dmitry Semin, Radmilo Lukic, Dmitry Norka They will tell you how about the tricks of cold sales, about the mechanisms for working with objections, as well as about the management and development strategy of the sales department.

The declared number of delegates is more than 1000 people. Online broadcast is available.
For the first time, all the top Russian and CIS sales experts will gather at one venue.

More about the forum:

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