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Business program at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection shoe exhibition in August 2018

Event ended

August 28-29 Moscow (Sokolniki) will host seminars and trainings from leading experts in the fashion market and business coaches. The speakers will touch upon the most pressing topics and questions for the shoe retail in Russia. Among the speakers are leading experts in the field of marketing, visual merchandising and showcase, sales, buying, and forecasting trends.

28 of August:
• What is a virtual shoe fitting room, how to embed it on a shoe store website or mobile application.
• Procurement visualization: how to see the assortment through the eyes of the buyer.
• Effective store manager - successful sales.
• Service in a shoe store: how to make the client love you, tell friends about you and come back again?
• How to increase sales of shoes and accessories by 25% in 30 days.

29 of August:
• First results of a shoe labeling experiment.
• How to increase sales in a shoe store and accessories using visual merchandising tools?
• Steep sales at a shoe store.
• Modern visual merchandising in the store: key features and trends.
ECC "Sokolniki", g.Moscow

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