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“Dream Teams” or “Sincere interest of employees as a key to success”

“Dream Teams” or “Sincere interest of employees as a key to success”

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Before Mikhail Chernyshev took the position of Marketing Director at VKontakte, he was in charge of marketing in the Dodo Pizza project. And the first thing he did was go to Syktyvkar: “I want to meet the guys, work in your kitchen. I want to clear tables and talk to customers. I want to see everything with my own eyes and feel! ”.

During the first two days of his stay in Syktyvkar “Dodo Pizza” Mikhail managed to work in a pizzeria, read a lecture to the management team and conduct a brainstorm. And today the pizzeria is represented in 108 cities and 31 more points are under construction.

Before taking up the post of chief marketer for VKontakte, Mikhail was also Marketing Director for Tele2 Russia and Tele2 Croatia. This fall, Mikhail Chernyshev will become the speaker of the largest Russian and CIS forum “Russian Marketing Forum 2016”, and you can hear firsthand about the new technologies of the region and “Marketing of the Future”. Each year, 2000 marketing directors of b2b companies come to the forum, 50 experts speak, and 350 media cover the event.

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