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We remind you that registration is continuing on the forum ONLINE RETAIL RUSSIA, 27-28 November 2014, in SKOLKOVO

There is an opinion that the Russian e-commerce “reinvents the wheel”, painfully “groping” for solutions in the field of Internet sales, which were invented long ago by the global e-commerce and are the “alphabet” for other markets. "The word is English (our delegates are joking, famous market players, about the term" e-commerce "), but the import is its own, Odessa."

SPECIALLY FOR ONLINE RETAIL RUSSIA AUDIENCE - representatives of THREE well-known foreign brands will share their experience and answer all your questions! You can verify the approaches and actively borrow ideas for your business!

Dunya Basinger Tomaszitz, Managing Director, HUMANIC

HUMANIC is a successful footwear retailer in Austria and other European countries, owned by Leder & Schuh, one of the largest footwear retailers in Europe.

Let's talk about the most important: Consumers spend more and more of their money on online shopping. At this time, the owners of classic retail stores ask themselves an important question: where and how to attract the attention of their customers? How to keep consumer attention during the buying cycle? How to reduce transaction costs? How to increase the effectiveness of interaction in online and offline channels?

Justin Lodge, Director of Emerging Markets, Wiggle Sportswear Hypermarket Ltd, ex-head of online strategy for Britain’s leading grocery retailer, Waitrose

For these companies, Justin developed multi-channel business development strategies, was responsible for achieving the planned EBITDA indicators in 87 countries, coordinated the work of teams, developed a strategy in marketing, product line, pricing, operations, customer service. Defined a scalable supply chain and infrastructure with high responsiveness to save £ 8 million in annual labor costs.

We will talk at the forum: what are the breakthrough approaches to increasing conversion and growing the customer base via the Internet? What is an optimal marketing mix of online promotion? What are the ideas for attracting customers in the face of restrictions? Justin also took time off-site outside the main program to informally share online sales experience in the grocery segment!

Dr. Adrian Buren, Senior Project Manager, Migros IT Services

Migros is Switzerland's largest retail retailer with a turnover of over CHF 31 billion and a workforce of over 94,000. Migros also produces a significant number of products under its own brand. Additionally, he develops a network of department stores, travel agencies, gas stations, projects in the field of retail banking services and e-commerce projects. More than 40% of all households in Switzerland participate in the Migros loyalty program!

During the presentation, practical experience of transforming Migros from a conservative retailer to an innovative company using an omnichannel e-commerce platform will be presented. Effectively built processes for integrating new channels into the established retail sales infrastructure have boosted Migros sales in the electronics, furniture, sports and DIY segments.


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