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Online Marketing for Your Offline Business

Online Marketing for Your Offline Business

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We live on the Internet, it is an integral part of human culture in the era of the latest technology. Gadgets are always with us, they are always online, we live online.
We wake up, connect wi-fi, go to wash and go to social networks, make hot coffee and read the news feed, come to work and check mail.
In the era of Online humanity, sending messages, useful information to your potential and current client should also be carried out in a way that is relevant to him!

Email marketing (email marketing) is one of the most effective Internet marketing tools for business. It allows you to build direct communication between the brand (or business, company) and potential or existing customers. The result of such communication can be expressed both in increasing customer loyalty to the company, and in increasing new and repeat sales, that is, in other words, customer retention and return.
Does anyone still think otherwise?

Misconception 1

E-mail marketing is spam. The main difference between e-mail marketing and spam mailing is that the first one is communication with subscribers of their own database of e-mail addresses by prior agreement. the second is a mass mailing, advertising, of character based on databases of e-mail addresses from open sources, without the consent of the recipients, which in turn violates the law in any country in the world.

Misconception 2

e-mail marketing is an e-mail distribution. The main difference between these two concepts is that email distribution is only part of email marketing. Mailing is an action, and email marketing is a strategy.

You can dispel all misconceptions and confirm truly profitable technologies just for your business. 

From 11 to 14 on November in Moscow and Online around the world, a large-scale event for the business community “Russian Marketing Forum '2015” will be held

TOP speakers will reveal all the secrets of Online and Offline business promotion with the prospect of increasing sales here and now. 1500 delegates, including senior executives, business owners, and TOP country marketers.

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Until October 18, buy 2 tickets for the price of one.

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Kristina Denisova
PR Specialist Prime Time Forums

Surikov Hall, g.Moscow

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