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Russia in an era of change: the benefits of franchising amid instability and sanctions

Russia in an era of change: the benefits of franchising amid instability and sanctions

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From 23 to 25 September 2014, the 12th international exhibition of franchising business, investment and partnership opportunities BUYBRAND Expo will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds. The exhibition will be held with the active support of the all-Russian public organization OPORA RUSSIA, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Small Business of Moscow State Budgetary Institution, as well as with the strategic partnership of the Russian Franchising Association

Predictability, predictability, minimal risks - all these advantages of running a franchise business are becoming especially relevant in connection with the recent geopolitical situation. Today, the most important task is to improve the business climate on the territory of the country, as well as to increase the level of economic security and increase GDP at the expense of internal resources.

And here the advantages of franchising, its benefits for the country as a whole, can hardly be overestimated. The turnover of the franchise market in Russia occupies only 3,5% of GDP, which is about 3 times less than, for example, in the USA, but the potential of this form of doing business in Russia is huge.

For example, only thanks to the BUYBRAND Expo over 12 years of its existence, more than 7500 franchised enterprises were opened. While foreign franchises prevailed at the first exhibitions, in recent years there has been a clear preponderance towards domestic franchising concepts, many of which represent various regions of Russia.

However, despite such positive trends, in the current unstable situation, many existing and potential franchisees and franchisors have questions: “What will happen next with the country's economy?”, “How will geopolitics affect small and medium-sized businesses?”, “Will the state be able to and public organizations to minimize the risks of entrepreneurs and are they going to do this? "," What do the authorities expect from the business community in this difficult situation? "

At the business forum “Franchising in Russia. The Epoch of Changes ”, which will be held during the exhibition, all these questions will be raised. Government structures, officials and leaders of public organizations will be involved in the dialogue. BUYBRAND Expo 2014 will become a platform for constructive discussion, reaching agreements and new opportunities in an era of change.

More than 200 leading Russian and foreign brands will take part in the exhibition, including such as: Sberbank, Shokoladnitsa, 1C, Invitro, X5 Retail Group, Sportmaster, Gemotest, Continental Hockey League, Anna Chapman "," Avtomag "," Money "," Fork-spoon ", TMK," Golden "," Apple Diamond ", Harrat's, Dadget," Shashlykoff ", Killfish, Carls Jr., Subway," Baleather Robbins ", Сoffeeshop Company, Nathan's Famous, Marina Yachting, Lagerfeld, 18CRR81 CERRUTI, Soho, Antonio Biaggi, Hilton, TELE 2 and many others.

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