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RUSSIA: in search of new OPPORTUNITIES!

RUSSIA: in search of new OPPORTUNITIES!

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The Russia for Kids Business Forum is an annual event, a platform for meeting all participants in the children's goods industry in Russia - retail stores, distributors, manufacturers - with the aim of:

- obtaining relevant information about the state of the market, its development trends, opportunities for each company and industry as a whole, the emergence of new players and segments;

- knowledge of new techniques and solutions in organizing and building a business and changes in legislation;

- exchange of experience with colleagues;

- learning new developments providers of services, equipment and IT solutions for the industry;

- presentations of your company/ product / service;

- search for business partners.

Focus on market segments:

Children's clothing, shoes, accessories, toys.

The main topics of the 2015 forum of the year:

Opportunities for business development in Russia

Customer-oriented service

The topics in the business program are:

  • The trends of the children's market in Russia in the near future
  • Opportunities and innovative business solutions that open up new perspectives
  • The interaction of the supplier and the buyer in the new market conditions
  • Opportunities for the work of domestic and foreign companies in Russia
  • Government programs
  • Where is the alternative to the company's previous development course?
  • Factoring
  • Cost optimization

· Building a customer-oriented service

Procurement: stock issue and planning 2015/2016

  • New markets for production facilities

Collaborations in the children's goods market

Best crisis experience in marketing

Including a special program for buyers of children's clothing and footwear stores:
NEW! The first edition of the Buyer's School! This is a one-day training for buyers, managers and managers for the purchase of goods for children in compiling collections for the store, focusing on the preferences of the customers of the store, their region. A diploma of completion of training is issued! • BAYER SHOW of new collections of children's clothing and footwear
• Work in SHOW-ROOMS

And also in the program:

  • The CONSULTING CENTER, where it is FREE to consult with experts in factoring, certification of children's products, insurance, and logistics.

· "CHILDREN'S STORE OF THE FUTURE" - exposition of student design projects of a children's store

  • LOTTERY from forum partners

Cost of participation:

If you pay before 1 March 2015: 6 900 rub. (NDS is not appearing).

When paying after 1 March 2015: 7 900 rub. (NDS is not appearing).

What is included in the price:

  • Participation in all meetings of the forum.
  • Meals during the event.
  • Presentation and informational materials of the forum.
  • Organization of individual negotiations (on request).
  • A diploma of a participant in the 2015 business forum is issued!

One-day training at the Buyer's School with a diploma:

If you pay before 1 March 2015: 9 500 rub. (NDS is not appearing).

When paying after 1 March 2015: 10 500 rub. (NDS is not appearing).

What is included in the price:

  • One-day training at the Buyer's School.
  • Meals during the event.
  • A set of training materials.
  • Diploma of training!

Full details and registration:

Natalia Badikova, + 7 (499) 55-303-93, + 7 (916) 955-37-15,

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