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RSTC on September 22 invites you to the first Autumn Marketing Section in September!

RSTC on September 22 invites you to the first Autumn Marketing Section in September!

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We live in a world in which the rate of change is growing exponentially. Now, in order to remain competitive, it is not enough to follow the development of your industry - you need to look at the market more broadly: assess consumer behavioral trends, keep your finger on the pulse of technology, and intensively exchange information.

On September 22 we will present the updated format of the Section.

The main theme of the Marketing Section: The battle of the mall: between themselves or against the crisis. Competition methods amid falling demand and rising supply.

Section Speakers:

Mikhail Safran, CEO of Safex Consulting

Roman Skorokhodov, General Director of Watcom

Bulad Sobanov, Member of the Board of Directors of

Malika Kulaeva, General Director of Yasno Marketing

The program includes:

Part I. Analytical

Key trends in the development of shopping and entertainment centers in Russia and abroad (dynamics of attendance of foreign shopping and entertainment centers, tools for developing and attracting traffic, key technological innovations, concepts)

Attendance of shopping centers. Myths and reality. The dynamics of visits to shopping centers over the past year, analytical sections: large, medium, small shopping centers, cities, comparative analytics of attendance per square meter LA in Russia and abroad.

Data on the average number of visited malls, analytics on the time spent and the movement of visitors to the mall. Forecast for 2015.

What is the financial condition of the Russian consumer? An analysis of the welfare and financial expectations of the Russian consumer, the dynamics of its expenses, its financial reliability (volume of loans, overdue debt), which they refuse first of all, which they spend more on, how price preferences change.

Part II Practical

Marketing in the mall. How a retailer can convert shopping mall traffic into customers of its store.

What kind of marketing campaigns does the company conduct? Are there any special promotions aimed at converting visitors to the mall into network buyers? Are there any successful examples? What is the dynamics of shopping? What are the forecasts for the end of 2014, the beginning of 2015?

Retail network and shopping center. Marriage of love or reckoning? Points of contact between the retail network and the mall, retail expectations from the mall. Experience in joint actions, comparison of street retail and stores in the mall. Conclusions of the retailer from the location in the mall.

Part III. Tools and Technology

Existing solutions for collecting contact information of visitors in the mall using WiFi. Advantages and disadvantages!

The use of digital technology in the mall.

Traffic Management Solutions Using I Beacons.

Loyalty program for the Shopping Center.

The upcoming Marketing Section on September 22 in Moscow is the first event in a series of professional meetings united by cross-cutting logic and structure. Thanks to this, in each Section, we will be able to pay more attention to the issues discussed and dive deeper into the specifics of the topic.

Detailed information about the business program and conditions of participation on the official page of the event

For participation: events@rcsc.infotel. +7 620 46 11, +7 495 788 91 84

For information cooperation: Anna Dryabina,, tel. +7 620 46 11, +7 495 788 91 84

Organizer: Russian Council of Shopping Centers

Co-organizer: Safex Consulting LTD

* The Russian Council of Shopping Centers (Non-Profit Partnership “National Council of Shopping Centers”) was created in June 2002. RSTC is a professional organization of managers, developers, architects, marketing specialists, shopping center owners and retail, catering and service operators. The main goal of the Council is to help increase the attractiveness of investments in commercial real estate by applying the most modern technologies, increasing the information transparency of the market, and increasing the professional level of its participants.

Anna Dryabin,

Russian Council of Shopping Centers

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