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The innovative cycle of workshops “Heroes of Competency” from BEITRAINING starts

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On April 14 and 15, the Heroes of Competency cycle starts in Moscow, which offers 40 workshops in various thematic blocks in the field of business education per year. The cycle is favorably distinguished by its reliance on practice, interactivity, and convenient time for unlimited visits as part of a subscription. There are four thematic blocks of 4 academic hours each month.

The purpose of participation in the program is to become an attractive jobseeker and employer, to increase the efficiency of their own work and to determine their personal goals. The themes of the workshops are truly diverse and cover all aspects vital to SMEs - from employee motivation to company development strategies and self-organization.

You can become a hero of competency:

April 14 from 10 to 14 on the topic “Through the eyes of the client. The concept of sales of your company ”and from 15 to 19 on the topic“ Recruitment. The right people in the right place. ”

April 15 from 10 to 14 on the topic "Keys to employee motivation" and from 15 to 19 on the topic "Sale begins when the client says no." Professional work with objections. ”

Your experts:

Anya Pabst is an entrepreneur, business trainer with 20 years of experience, an expert on the CIS countries. Master of Sociology and Slavic Studies, specialist in the field of crisis communication.
Natalya Mayorova - Wortmann Vostok Executive Director, expert on team building and personal skills development.
Technopark, g.Moscow
+7 (495) 225 - 32 -10

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