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Strategic session "Anti-crisis" for small and medium-sized businesses

Strategic session "Anti-crisis" for small and medium-sized businesses

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Strategic session "Anti-crisis" for small and medium-sized businesses

On March 22, the strategic session "Anti-crisis" will take place within the VIP-day of the conference "Sales and Marketing - 2015", on March 22

The program is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in the B2B sphere with sales departments of 3 people or more, participation is recommended to business owners, directors and heads of sales departments.

The purpose of the event: to increase sales and profitability of your business through the development of management strategies, optimization of business processes and the work of sales departments, modern methods of hiring and involving employees.

The format of the strategic session involves a comprehensive work on the business issues of each participant with the result in the form of a clear action plan for implementing changes and clear results from the use of tools for business development and eliminating existing errors.

During the session, specific situations from the businesses of participants will be analyzed, new channels for attracting customers will be identified, expert recommendations will be given to correct problems, and step-by-step instructions for developing a business will be developed taking into account existing and newly acquired knowledge.

For the successful implementation of new strategies in business development and the absence of staff resistance, it was recommended that several company representatives responsible for business development, marketing strategy, organization of sales and service departments be invited to the session. There are big discounts for participants from one company.

You can familiarize yourself with the program and register on the conference website in the VIP-DAY section:

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