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Presentation of the Online Retail Russia 2015 Prize will take place in Moscow.

Presentation of the Online Retail Russia 2015 Prize will take place in Moscow.

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More than 100 online stores claim the title of BEST.

Presentation of the Online Retail Russia 2015 Prize will take place in Moscow.

The BBCG has received over 100 applications from representatives of Russian e-retail to participate in the annual Online Retail Russia 2015 award. The awards will be presented as part of the Online Retail Russia 2015 business forum, which will be held on April 16-17 in Moscow at the Korston hotel.

Nominees will be awarded in the categories:

- the best online store of the year;

- the best online store in the segment;

- Breakthrough of the Year;

- best life hack of the year for e-commerce;

In addition, representatives of the professional community, for the first time in the history of the award, will choose MAN OF THE YEAR in the field of electronic commerce.

MAN OF THE YEAR 2015 Is the most influential person in the market, respected in the eyes of the community for professional and personal qualities, and having a significant direct or indirect influence on other market players. The organizers note that WORLDWIDE FAMOUS claim to this title. We will find out who representatives of the Russian e-retail nominated for this nomination very soon.

By the way, among the nominees for the Online Retail Russia award this year there are a lot of niche market players who, over the year, due to the evil crisis, were able to improve their service and their performance.

The main objectives of the award Online Retail Russia 2015 - note the particularly outstanding achievements in the development of Internet commerce in Russia, as well as create an insignia guaranteeing the end customer the reliability of the service and the safety of the goods.

Over the years, the following became nominees and prize-winners: M-video, Svyaznoy, Wildberries, Lamoda, Utkonos, Yutinet, Citylink, Hoff, Esky, 220 volts, Sotmarket, Petrovich, Azbuka Vkusa, Higher League, TSUM, Audiomania, Yulmart, , Quelle, Philips, Wikimart, Euroset, Babysecret, Softkey,,,, Yves Rocher, Children's World, L'Etoile, Olant, myToys.

Online Retail Russia 2015 - X International Forum of the First Persons of Large Retail, Internet Commerce and Multichannel Networks.

April 16-17, Moscow, Korston Hotel.

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You can find out more about the forum HERE. Ask additional questions to the producer of the forum, Yana Grigoryan (

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