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The war between small business and the state over the redistribution of the pie called "School uniform"

The war between small business and the state over the redistribution of the pie called "School uniform"

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The future of the school uniform bill excites everyone as never before: how will the school uniform issue be resolved? Will it become mandatory and will it be one for all? What threatens us: a monopoly (state order for uniforms from one manufacturer) or will we welcome healthy competition in the school uniform market? These questions interest everyone. Including small business. Non-network retail, represented mainly by individual entrepreneurs, however, would also like to be able to successfully sell school assortment. But small business understands that this opportunity carries a number of dangers: the concern that the implementation of the school uniform to the final consumer will be given to networks, monopoly and many other issues.

On October 17, 2013 in Moscow at the site of the Intercontinental Hotel the conference “Children's market of Russia. School Uniform & Related Products ”, which will answer all the questions of small business representatives.

You still do not understand the technology of working with school uniforms, where to buy it and how to sell it? - then to you at the seminar "Technology of work with school uniforms: purchases, organization of points of sale, complex offers, work with the buyer."

Do you have an online store? - Welcome to the workshop “Online school uniforms shop: problems and solutions”.

You will learn about related products by examining the cases of the largest retail companies: “How to make money on related products?” And “Organization of the checkout area of ​​a children's store”.

The business program will present solutions for competent business management, which will increase revenue and reduce costs. There will be a show of school uniform collections in 2014 from leading manufacturers and an exhibition of samples of the most popular brands. At the end of the event, all participants will receive a free "Catalog of manufacturers and suppliers of school uniforms."

Participation in the conference is an opportunity to navigate the situation and ask questions to experts, expand the range of products, establish personal contacts with the right people, and find business partners.

ATTENTION! Small business representatives 15% discount

For participation, please contact:,

Tel .: + 7 (495) 797-90-56

Full information and registration for the conference:

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