Shoes Report Magazine #114

  • The return of Soviet sneakers

    Recently, the theme of the Soviet Union in culture and fashion has become increasingly popular: adults are slowly nostalgic, and young people are actively interested. In the wake of interest in Soviet aesthetics, the young Moscow businessman Yevgeny Raikov came up with the idea of ​​reviving Soviet sneakers, the very ones in which the mods of 60-70 went. But is it interesting to someone today, in the 21st century, the design of fifty years ago? Eugene told Shoes Report magazine how he is trying to return Soviet-era sneakers to modern fashion, and what comes of it.
  • Augmented Reality Technologies Used by Fashion Retail

    Modern buyers are no longer surprised by the combination of price and quality or polite sellers, they will remember the one who makes them say “wow!”. Augmented reality technologies are one of the elements that advanced retailers rely on to create a wow effect. So far, these technologies cannot be considered an effective means of increasing sales, but they cope with the cheers with the tasks of attracting a young audience and increasing brand loyalty.
  • How to increase store traffic through the newsletter

    “Buyers don’t come to us, what to do?” - this question was asked at least once in a lifetime by any store owner. For those who are tormented by this problem right now, we have good news: they do not come not only to you. And for those who are more concerned about what to do, we have excellent advice: stop spending money on impersonal “for everyone and anyone” mailing lists and contact customers as personally as possible. How to do this exactly, says Yulia Veshnyakova, general director of the Academy of Retail Technologies.
  • Tips for the supplier: failed and successful development schemes in the regions

    There are at least six schemes for the development of wholesale sales in the regions, three of which are effective, and three are popular and failing. A well-known business coach and specialist in big sales, Konstantin Baksht, helps to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the six schemes.
  • Four inventory control tools

    Balance is a natural business process that can be planned and managed. But in order to gain power over them, you must constantly keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Weaknesses are easily calculated using four simple indicators. Which ones, ”said Oleg Gruzdev, the founder of the first showroom gallery in Russia, during the Fashion Retail & Distribution forum.
  • Companies with serious logistics: how to choose a warehouse management system

    Reaching a certain level of turnover, companies are thinking about simplifying warehouse processes. In this they can help warehouse management systems - WMS, which are represented on the Russian market about 60. How to choose a system around which you don’t have to “dance with a tambourine”? Maxim Sukhanov, a specialist in the logistics department of Corus Consulting, gives his recommendations.
  • How it works: Otto Group logistics center

    Otto Group Russia is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Russia, which manages online stores Quelle, BonPrix, Otto and outsource services for about 350 independent projects, including online stores of Russian clothing brands BeFree and Zarina. Shoes Report visited the distribution center of the holding in Tver to find out how the company manages to process up to 80 000 orders per day.
  • Basic rules for window dressing

    High-quality showcase attracts attention, attracts and sells. Homely and ineptly designed spoils the store’s image and disorientates the buyer. How to use the storefront resource competently, says Anna Balandina, an expert on merchandising.
  • New Year's showcases of Moscow: debriefing

    On the eve of the New Year, we walked through the streets of Moscow and photographed the festive showcases of the largest shoe chains in the city, which operate in the mid-price segment. This is not to say that we hoped to find similarities with the windows of Milan, Paris or Berlin, but still more could be expected from window-dressers decorating stores in the capital of the largest country in the world. Experts of the portal reinforced our sensation with their comments, having arranged a small debriefing for the windows of six stores - Ecco, Francesco Donni, ITAITA, Mascotte, Tervolina and Econika.
  • Management struggle: important principles and useful techniques

    The well-known business coach Vladimir Tarasov has been heading the Tallinn School of Managers for over 20 years, the axis of which is the theory of managerial struggle developed by him. This theory allows senior managers to achieve their goals without excessive loss of strength and resources. What kind of struggle is this, what are its features and what are the main techniques, Vladimir Tarasov tells during his training.
  • Six Ways to Assess Your Market Position

    We publish an excerpt from the book by Kristina Ptukha and Svetlana Gusarova “Sales management in the territory”, which is devoted to methods of analyzing the company's position in the market.
  • Seven retail predictions for 2014 year

    In the 2014 year, retail will face major changes, among which are personalization of the offer, increasing the popularity of virtual payment systems and improving the service. Experts are sure that we are on the verge of a technological breakthrough, and the retail industry is moving towards more customer-oriented sales and priorities in online trading. These and other no less interesting conclusions can be made based on forecasts of leading foreign trend bureaus and business publications.
  • What strategies do networks choose?

    It is always interesting what top managers of leading retail companies think and strive for. Representatives of 14 of the largest brands and retail chains in Russia lifted the veil of secrecy over their development plans specifically for Shoes Report.
  • Dead End of Children's Distribution

    Over the twenty years of the existence of the Russian market of children's shoes, retail chains, manufacturers and buyers have changed. Only distributors have not changed: they both were and remain insignificant links in the chain, which manufacturers often neglect. The reasons for this situation are discussed by Alexander Borodin, the manager of Mila - shoes wholesale. ”
  • Why retail is almost the only way to develop a distributor

    Almost every major distributor sooner or later opens a network of their own retail stores. This is an almost inevitable process in the realities of Russian trade. Elena Kabanova, marketing director of Fashion Galaxy chain, shares her opinion on why this is happening and why the brands presented need their own store.
  • “Welcome” or “No Trespassing”?

    Distributors of foreign brands in Russia are very concerned about the issue of certification of shoes. In particular, some of them are especially worried about the analysis of the state of production, which, from the moment the technical regulation of the Customs Union comes into force, must be carried out at the supplier's factory. For distributors, the cost of traveling abroad by a Russian specialist may be one of the factors that deprives the Russian shoe market of attractiveness in the eyes of foreign suppliers. The Shoes Report tried to figure out if the distributors really had cause for concern about this.

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