Shoes Report Magazine #117

  • Heels off!

    Every woman wears heels, and each one causes inconvenience and pain. The time has come when not only feminists, but also leading designers and experts in the fashion industry, prefer flat shoes.
  • Fashionable models of men's shoes for the fall-winter season 2014 / 15

    In the upcoming fall-winter seasons, world designers offered men shoes not only in their usual classic brogues and chelsea or casual slippers and loafers. Models in a sporty style proudly climbed the pinnacle of fashion: bright, stylish sneakers and rude hiking boots.  
  • Shoe educational program: what the top of the shoe is made of

    Natural, artificial, synthetic leather, as well as felt, felt and other materials are used for the production of footwear. Both the store owner and the buyer must know how one material differs from another, so that not only be ready to answer the buyer's question, but also not make mistakes when purchasing. Together with technologist Igor Okorokov, we continue to figure out what the shoes are made of.
  • Increasing Sales: Social Media Marketing

    Brand recognition, product promotion or increase offline and online sales: the solution to any of the tasks is accelerated with the involvement of social media. Created as platforms for communication, today Facebook and VKontakte provide unique opportunities for using marketing tools.
  • 7 signs of an excellent "salesman"

    Any business needs excellent sellers. For retail, this need is most pronounced. How to learn to identify potentially good "salespeople" for an interview? How do they, these future flagships and record holders, differ from the "mere mortals" claiming similar positions in your store? Business coach Anna Bocharova believes that you can teach anyone to sell, but an excellent “salesman” must either be born or do a lot of personal work on yourself.
  • Five principles for maintaining high sales in a crisis

    Business researcher Pavel Maestro shares his views on which customers are becoming the most important in times of crisis, and gives advice on maintaining sales among them.
  • How not to fall for the bait of thrifty moms

    Buying shoes or a dress at once, and then returning is a tactic of the obsessed fashion victims, poor students and, as it turned out, economical mothers. The problem with the return of festive children's shoes was shared by our reader Natalya from Tolyatti. The way out is offered by expert on merchandising expertise Angelica Novitskaya.
  • How to advertise goods inside the store

    If more and more visitors leave your store empty-handed, then you are not stimulating them enough to buy. Advertising inside the store is one of the most effective methods of stimulating consumer activity. How to effectively use the possibilities of internal advertising, says Galina Krylova.
  • Budget option: window dressing without extra costs

    The easiest way to attract a potential buyer to the store is to present your product in a window display. In a crisis, visual merchandising is an expense item that is among the first to be significantly correlated. But experts are sure that one should not refuse seasonal changes of their windows: “beautiful and inexpensive” is not a ploy, but a reality.
  • Two ways to increase your purchase profitability

    The secret to a successful purchase does not lie in getting into the fashion stream, but in a painstaking analysis of sales and understanding of your audience. Galina Kravchenko, the development director of Fashion Consulting Group, tells in detail about these two ways to increase procurement efficiency.
  • Turnover: how to quickly return the money that you invested

    In a crisis, relying only on intuition and experience in conducting sales means putting everything in the red and hoping for good luck. Accurate calculations will help in adjusting the assortment, identify errors and determine the preferences of customers, which means they will help you build the right sales strategy and make more money.
  • Green store: status and economy

    More and more people on the planet are thinking about how their activities affect the environment and ecology. Having made the work of your store more “green”, you can attract new, socially responsible customers. These simple ideas will help you not only raise your status in the eyes of buyers, but also reduce household expenses.
  • The habit of stepping on a rake, or why the trainings do not work

    You spent the time and resources of the company and invited a highly paid trainer. But now the training is over, everything is back on track, but productivity growth is not visible. Why is this happening, and how to wean yourself from the habit of stepping on the same rake?
  • How to fire a worker without tears, scandal and trial

    Sooner or later, any manager is faced with the need to part with an employee. Correctly and on time the dismissal procedure will save the company money, and the boss himself - nerves and time. But why sometimes, knowing that a break in relations is inevitable, we postpone the decision for months?
  • How to develop in a crisis

    I want to sit out a difficult crisis situation quietly in a dark corner in order to somehow stay afloat. But it is precisely at such moments that it is worth thinking about intensive, high-quality business development. Natalya Chinenova tells about the directions in which it is possible to move in difficult market conditions.
  • Shop on the couch: experts record online sales growth

    The online sales market is growing steadily: here the crisis is felt the least. Perhaps because the purchase of goods through the Internet, buyers make more meaningful. Irina Vassenkova, director of customer service at the regular research department at Synovate Comcon, provides compelling figures.
  • Shopping of the future: how we will buy shoes in 2025 year

    Every year, more and more so-called objects of the future appear in the world: glasses, cars, gadgets, materials, anything. Obviously, all these things will also be sold in a new way. How exactly - Avanade specialists told at the Euroshop exhibition held in Dusseldorf in February this year. In order not to bore readers with dry forecasts, Shoes Report clothed them in an art form.
  • He was waiting, he came

    The ruble has lost its balance, supply has diverged, sellers have lost confidence in the future. On the face are already familiar signs of a crisis. How do leading shoe retailers feel and behave in this situation?
  • Why the shoe franchise market is stagnating

    According to experts, the Russian segment of shoe franchising today represents about the same picture as 5 or 10 years ago. Franchising development strategy expert Yekaterina Panova explains the reasons for stagnation and suggests that the shoe franchise market could wake up from hibernation.
  • Why sales are falling and the danger of price reduction

    At present, the Russian retail market is undergoing a phase of slowdown, or stagnation of sales. What caused the formation of such a difficult situation for retail and which anti-crisis strategies are ineffective, argues Daria Nuclear.

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