Shoes Report Magazine #118

  • Commercial real estate market analysis

  • World Trends for Spring-Summer 2014 / 15

    Veronica Soliveias, trend-hunter of the Italian agency Shoes Planet, predicts the main fashion trends for next season.
  • Designers of the Russian shoe market

    Is it difficult to create and produce shoes in Russia? How is design born and what inspires creators? Two companies, two designers, two different stories about becoming a profession. He is from Germany, she is from Russia. Both artists do not share the concepts of work and hobby: they live their own business.
  • Discount Cards: Past, Present and Future

    Against the backdrop of a decline in purchasing power, companies are forced to more clearly build their loyalty systems. What will help keep the client? Shoes Report posed this question to business analysts and leading retailers.
  • How new tricks in product placement work to increase sales

    Today, in conditions of crisis and market oversaturation, it is not the goods themselves that are competing, but rather the features of their perception by customers. The strategy of successful sales is not to offer the buyer the maximum choice, but in the interest of the offer itself and its exact compliance with the needs of the buyer. Dmitry Galun, author of the book “Visual Merchandising for One-Two-Three-Four-Five-Five”, talks about the search for new effective solutions in shoe laying.
  • How to choose the perfect store administrator

    Hire a professional from outside or raise a top manager in your own team? Labor market experts are sure that no matter what decision you make, difficulties are inevitable. We will have to clearly prioritize and calculate possible risks.
  • Lease Agreement: 6 Ways to Avoid Mistakes

    The landlord sets a lot of traps in the contract, counting on the inexperience or carelessness of the tenant. Therefore, when concluding an agreement, pay attention to certain points in the document, this will save you from serious problems and significant losses.
  • Developers about new shopping center formats

    By the end of the year, about 1,8 million square meters will be commissioned in Russia. m of rented space in shopping centers. Slightly less than the record 2008 of the year. Developers rely on the originality of the concept and are looking for new solutions, trying to predict the needs of the buyer of tomorrow.
  • Construction of the century: large-scale plans of developers and real ones - retailers

    Developers summed up the results of the first quarter of the 2014 year, and also announced their ambitious plans for the period remaining until the end of the year. And the forecasts of leading agencies in the field of commercial real estate amid the general chaos make us believe that the crisis, if it came, then not for long, the scale of the current construction is so impressive.  
  • Alibaba and billions of dollars

    The world is captured by globalization, and today everyone understands that the arrival of Western giants like Amazon on our market is only a matter of time. But there are players in the world who should be wary not only of small retail, but also of Amazon itself. One of them is the monstrous Chinese corporation Alibaba, specializing in electronic commerce.
  • Online Trading Prospects

    In the first quarter of 2014, online retailers were shocked by the sharp decline in the number of orders, purchases and, as a result, revenue. What happened, Fedor Virin said at the Online Retail Russia 2014 forum.
  • Brazilian franchises

    In mid-June, with the assistance of the association of the Brazilian footwear industry Abicalçados, the Brazilian Footwear program was held: a presentation of manufacturers interested in entering the Russian market. According to the organizers, the difficult economic situation will not become an obstacle to the development of trade relations and the development of a new market for them.
  • Competition for Buyer - a military operation of the new time

    In a crisis, sales decline is a natural process. And the figures of a fall of 10 - 20% announced by some market players indicate that the companies have succeeded in almost impossible. How to stay afloat: anti-crisis marketing strategies.
  • GDS: new format and early dates

    They talked about the changes long before the spring exhibition. For a year now, as new terms and new ideas on organizing the exhibition space are known. Are buyers and manufacturers ready for a redesign, and most importantly for such an early presentation of the collections ?! The opinion of market professionals

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