Shoes Report Magazine #119

  • Russian consumer of the XNUMXst century

  • From head to toe!

    Expanding the range of shoe stores with clothing collections is, of course, the retail trend of this summer. Moreover, for the most part, “shoe makers” relied on comfort by offering customers clothes for active life and relaxation.
  • Trends in women's shoes spring-summer 2015

    Summer is the time for bold experiments with images. We combine, add, mix and certainly do not limit ourselves in the choice of colors and textures. Restraint can be shown in clothes, but not in accessories: no taboos. Galina Kravchenko, representative of the online-trend bureau in Russia and development director of Fashion Consulting Group, outlined the main trends of next summer and presented the best examples of fashionable women's shoes.
  • Designers - graduates of Russian universities on the path to the profession

    Surprisingly, it is a fact: Russian shoe designers are in demand on the labor market. Whether they prefer to work at Russian enterprises or are ready to go to raise the production of the Middle Kingdom is in the report Shoes Report.
  • About the importance of related products

    At the time of the economic downturn, even the most unexpected move may turn out to be advantageous. For example, introduce related products to your shoe store’s assortment. Although how unexpected is this move? Soputka is an old, loyal assistant to increase the average bill and increase income.
  • Low Budget Sales Tools

    In general economic stagflation, an effective measure of cost reduction may be the redistribution of personnel at retail outlets. Lack of sellers will help offset effective marketing tools.
  • Shoe collaborations of the past and present

    Collaborations and capsule collections have become an integral attribute of the fashion world. A similar way to attract attention to the brand is becoming more popular year by year. Fashion retail experts are confident that this kind of cooperation is a great way to attract attention to the brand. Shoe makers joined this movement a bit later, but quickly caught up
  • Sensory marketing

    Sensory or otherwise - neuromarketing, which is based on the impact on a person's feelings at the subconscious level, is becoming an increasingly popular tool in modern marketing. The three main varieties of sensory marketing - visual, audio and scent - are increasingly being introduced in retail.
  • Staff recruitment rules

    Currently, the main focus of the business, according to consulting experts, has smoothly shifted to the human factor. Julia Veshnyakova, General Director of the Academy of Retail Technologies, tells about how to correctly select sales staff for a shoe salon, as well as accurately calculate the optimal number of its staff.
  • Theft protection systems for shoe retail

    According to The Global Retail Theft Barometer (Global Retail Theft Barometer) annual survey, shoes are on the top list of the most frequently stolen goods in retail. It is impossible to calculate a thief even at the entrance to the store: statistics show that the social status, age and gender of the dishonest buyer can be very different. How to protect your store from intruders and reduce losses from theft - experts know Shoes Report.
  • How generation Z buys

    Experts are sure that a new generation of consumers will turn the usual and still existing laws of sales. Freedom-loving and technically charged Zetas will force retailers to seek new approaches to product promotion and brand building.
  • 10 Consumer Trends

    According to analysts, in 2014-2015 the behavior of consumers will be determined by one single word - “contradiction”. The Russian buyer is rushing between the desire to pamper himself and saving on himself. How to act in this situation to sellers and how to catch a buyer at the time of a rare balance - the leading marketing experts are looking for answers.
  • Research on the preferences of Russian consumers

    Do you know the Russian consumer well? Sure?! The international company Landor has conducted a global survey of the preferences of our compatriots and the results were quite amazing. About the attitude of Russians to brands - myths and realities, as well as about which strategy to promote goods to choose in the context of the anti-crisis syndrome among the population - in the material of Shoes Report.
  • New IT technologies in retail

    Currently, increased competition among sellers against the backdrop of crisis expectations of buyers forces the first to look for new ways to fight for the customer. Therefore, such options as business analytics, cloud services, omni channels, etc. are becoming increasingly relevant. Almost the entire business of network retail companies today is not only tightly connected with IT, but also integrated into it.
  • Counterfeit: is there a beginning, no end ?!

    According to experts, illegal consumer goods cause an average loss of 1 billion dollars a year. What measures will help protect both the producer and the buyer of Shoes Report from counterfeiting, Andrei Razbrodin, president of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry.

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