Shoes Report Magazine #122

  • Rules for decorating New Year's window displays

    The turnover of the average retail store in December is about 200% of the sales of the previous month. In January, the activity of buyers decreases slightly, but, nevertheless, retailers collect 30% more revenue than in the autumn months. This year, the numbers are likely to be less impressive and the market for New Year's deals is even more competitive. How not to go unnoticed in the festive tinsel? Visual merchandising experts know how to attract customers to your store.
  • We study the behavior of customers in the virtual space

    The American company 20 / 20 Research introduced a new development: a program that helps to study consumer behavior without leaving the office. These data will allow you to competently rebuild all sales channels and get maximum profit.
  • Trends in men's shoes for the fall-winter season 2015 / 16

    Introducing four fashionable themes for the men's fall wardrobe of the coming season. These vivid images describe the habits and addictions of a modern man, what inspires him, the things with which he surrounds himself, and the shoes that he wears.
  • Shoe School Santoni

    A well-known Italian company announced the opening of its own school of shoe art. Its graduates do not receive diplomas and certificates, there are no entrance and final exams. This is not an educational campus in its usual sense, but a kind of new form of innovation. According to the owners of the company, this is the only way to preserve the specifics of production and not to lose the traditions that the brand is famous for.
  • Mystery shopper mission

    It is a mistake to assume that the task of Mystery shopping is exclusively to identify negligent employees. The prerequisites for this kind of verification may be network monitoring, with the goal of unifying and standardizing the service provided, and benchmarking - a comparative analysis of your own service with your closest competitor.
  • Retail pay: on transparency and motivation

    In retail, the success of a transaction at 80% depends on the ability of the seller. Therefore, his motivation, ability to work with people, experience and knowledge of the goods determine the success of the entire enterprise. What wage strategy will be correct and will help not only keep sales at the same level, but reduce staff turnover and increase seller motivation?
  • Sport is the engine of progress and ... retail

    Fashion weeks held in New York, Milan, London once again convincingly proved the superiority of sports style. Sneakers and sneakers have become an integral part of fashion shows. Not surprisingly, the largest online retailer ASOS is reporting an unprecedented surge in interest in such models: sales of sports shoes increased by 900% compared to last year!
  • Anti-Crisis Procurement Management

    Against the backdrop of a decline in consumer activity, it is important not to make mistakes even at the stage of assortment formation. This will help to maximize profit in the absence of large balances. How to manage procurements to ensure that problems that arise are resolved before they become irreversible, consulting specialist Natalia Bobrova knows.
  • 12 ways to raise a check

    Who is to blame and what to do? Today it is these questions that retailers are looking for answers to. Sales are falling for all market players without exception, but some will survive the crisis, while others will be forced to retire. How to avoid becoming an outsider - Shoes Report experts know.
  • Three cases for New Year's showcase

    Leading Russian merchandisers told the Shoes Report about which New Year's windows are worth imitating, and which ones should be forgotten like a nightmare.
  • Color Trends in Merchandising

    According to experts from the British merchandising agency SFD, color is the first thing a designer should think about when working on creating a New Year's window because it is inextricably linked with human emotions. White, strongly associated with winter, should not become a serious limiter of creative thought.
  • How to establish the work of all links of light industry

    Will the domestic light industry, thanks to the government’s policy of supporting the Russian entrepreneur, be able to be reborn from the ashes? So far, the industry has enough internal problems, starting with insufficient funding and ending with the inefficiency of communications between market players. Manufacturers, designers and representatives of retail chains discussed the problems existing in light industry and ways to solve them at an expert meeting held in mid-October.
  • The buyer goes to the area

    According to market analysts, the indiscriminate throwing of developers and retailers that arose at the beginning of the year and due to the economic and political crisis in the country begins to subside. The dust subsided, and it became more clear where to move on. Leading retailers of non-food products spoke about development plans and strategies for cooperation with developers.

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