Shoes Report Magazine #123

  • Retail Arithmetic: Performance Indicators

    Modern automation systems that can track sales, forecast profits and even calculate the volume of purchases help manage the store as efficiently as possible. However, they do not free you from the need to add and multiply. Simple arithmetic will help you better understand the mechanisms of sales and how to regulate them.
  • Internal merchandising as a way to increase sales

    Do you think that from the rearrangement of places of terms the sum does not change ?! Just not in retail! Correct display of goods will increase store traffic and sales. Marina Polkovnikova, an expert on merchandising, is sure that simple methods of working with goods can bring your business to a new level.
  • SWOT Analysis: A Classic Strategic Management Tool

    Starting from the 80 of the last century, SWOT analysis has been actively and successfully used as one of the most important management tools, and over all these years the technique has not lost its relevance. SWOT analysis is a technique that allows you to analyze internal resources and the external environment, assess risks, as well as current and future competitiveness of a product or service.
  • How the correct attitude to mistakes develops independence and initiative

    The culture of error is an important aspect of the functioning of the company. Concealment of miscalculations, the habit of cheating and shifting guilt drag the whole enterprise back. How can the right leadership position turn an employee’s mistake into a platform for a new start?
  • Crowdfunding - sell or promote ?!

    At the beginning of the 2012 of the year, only a few people knew about a similar phenomenon as crowdfunding in Russia. And today, the number of participants involved in the process is in the millions. The emergence of new platforms for business development, prompted some to create interesting start-up projects. How it works and what will help to gain the trust of “investors” is in our material.
  • True retail communications with bloggers

    Five years ago, similar marketing was practically absent in the domestic fashion market. Today, commercial interest in copyright pages of fashion adherents is growing. Is the blogosphere a full-fledged media platform for large-scale brand promotion or a social network for its own with a narrow range of opportunities? We deal with market experts.
  • PR trends: reach out to the client

    The crisis justifies any decisions made by management to optimize the business: the dismissal of part of the staff, cutting salaries, cutting budgets for PR and marketing. The main goal is to maintain the same level of income. Reducing "non-production" costs and total savings lead to lower product quality and painfully hit the brand and image of the company. Quality is falling - customers are leaving. Market experts talk about PR trends and pose new challenges for entrepreneurs.
  • China's Shoe Market: Import and Export

    In the conditions of currency surges, reducing the margin of business, and falling consumer activity, many Russian entrepreneurs find themselves on the Asian continent in search of new suppliers. As if anticipating such an interest, Chinese suppliers began building the brand made in China, forming large-scale shoe clusters and receiving support at the state level. What is happening on the domestic shoe market in China and will the country's exports continue to grow?
  • Did the ruble exchange rate affect online buying activity

    More than a third of Russian online shoppers made purchases in foreign online stores in the first half of 2014. Such figures are voiced by the research company Synovate Comcon and RBC.Research.
  • Leather and footwear industry in Russia: growth drivers

    In the context of anti-Russian economic sanctions and actively rising cheers, patriots are increasingly talking about a ban on the import of foreign clothing and footwear in order to stimulate the development of domestic production. “Russia will shoe itself!” - users of social networks write, not paying attention to the insidious pun. What is the real situation in the domestic leather and footwear industry and will Russia be able to shod itself if necessary?

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