Shoes Report Magazine #124

  • Children's footwear market

    The current situation in production and retail, development plans, statistics on electronic sales of children's goods.
  • Architecture, fashion, design of designer shoes

    Freethinking in creativity is the lot of heroes. To create without regard to the commercial component of the project, today not many dare. But loyalty to the chosen values ​​always leads to success. This is convinced by the experience of Rustam Adyukov, a Russian shoe designer.
  • Service as the main asset of your business in crisis

    Now is a very difficult time for businessmen. Not everyone is able to keep their business afloat. According to statistics, out of 10, new 8 businesses will be closed over time. So it turns out that entrepreneurs have the highest risks. The business researcher Pavel Maestro discusses the advantages of the company that can lead it into leaders.
  • Retain the customer at all costs

    It is unlikely that today there will be at least one expert who is ready in the current conditions to guarantee that one or another approach to sales will be the only true one. But, as you know, “in war, all means are good,” which means that you need to look for your own effective strategies and try any options to strengthen communication with the client.
  • Small business support

    In the context of the ongoing global economic crisis, European governments spend a lot of effort and money on creating favorable conditions for the activity of large corporations, considering them as the basis of local economies. Of course, the Russian authorities did not stand aside from this trend and are trying to breathe new life into the stagnating sectors of the economy.
  • Marketing in the context of stagnation and inflation

    “In business, there are no concepts good or bad. This is mathematics, and in it, as you know, two plus two is always equal to four! ”- business coaching and entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko harshly outlined the situation, trying not to scare, but to make him think!
  • E-commerce baby products

    In the optimistic forecasts of the previous year, voiced by the analytical company Datainsight, the notorious crisis intervened. Its impact on the electronic trade in children's goods in the first half of the 2014 year was greater than market experts expected. However, network retail turned out to be more resistant to currency fluctuations and geopolitical conflicts.
  • Alexander Borodin: “Who sees the positive impact of the“ crisis ”and acts now, will be ahead”

    The economy of modern Russia has several times met with a sharp depreciation of the ruble against world currencies. Together with Alexander Borodin, Managing Director of Mila - Footwear Wholesale, we will try to analyze the consequences of the current crisis for the children's footwear market.
  • The market is alive!

    Despite the official sales figures, which scare even those who survived the 90's crisis, market experts are not going to talk about the death of the children's goods market. The decadent mood, according to Elena Gerke, coordinator of the Kiddypages baby products information center, does not help strengthen the business.
  • Results of the 5-th World Congress of shoe manufacturers

    In the Mexican city of Leon, the World Shoe Congress was held, in which representatives of the shoe industry of 32 countries of the world took part. All three days of the Congress’s work discussed the most pressing topics: the development of the global footwear market in the context of the economic crisis, building fair competition and possible ways to combat counterfeiting.
  • Shoe market research in Russia

    Analysts from Discovery Research Group studied the sales volumes of all major players in the footwear market and summed up the results: in the first half of the year, retailers earned 13% less than in the same period last year. At the same time, experts talk about the growth of the mid-price segment and strong regional development of retail.
  • The impact of the ruble on retail market players

    The past year may be the worst for the retail market in Russia since the 2008-2009 crisis. This is the conclusion reached by experts at the JLL consulting agency. But, according to company analysts, these forecasts should not plunge the market into a state of shock. The difficult period opens up new opportunities for retailers, long-term investors and developers.

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