Shoes Report Magazine #129

  • Promoting shoes on the Internet

    Shoes go online to support traditional retail. According to experts, online sales should complement the channel of traditional sales, and not crowd out it, and the future belongs to a multi-channel sales model. How the multichannel sales model will develop, what SMM technologies are and how to make social networks an effective platform for promoting a shoe brand and a store - SR experts answer these questions.

  • Eco shoes win the hearts of shoppers and store shelves

    Eco-friendly fashion breaks a permanent place on store shelves. The creators of "green" products are actively mastering the shoe industry: Brazilians make slates and sandals from 100% recycled and recyclable rubber, vegan shoes from leather substitutes identical to natural ones, not custom-made goods, but impressive lots sewn at factories, but sports brands create sneakers from ... oceanic trash.
  • August shoe fashion: 50 shades of pink, suede and fringe

  • What women's shoes will be in fashion this winter

    In the collections of women's shoes for the fall-winter 2015 / 16 season, the masculine beginning is clearly traced: brutal and motoboots, reincarnated as men's oxfords for women’s mules, gilly - Scottish old lace-up boots - all these shoes have long been registered on women's shoe shelves. Modern women are decisive, independent and successful, and they are not averse to demonstrate their success to the male half, including with the help of bright accessories and unusual shoes. In our article, the most interesting examples of women's shoes from the catwalks of fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, the latest trends prevailing in the current collections of trend setter and fast-fashion brands that will set the tone for the commercial collections of the F / W 15 season / Xnumx.  
  • How to increase the effectiveness of sellers

  • How to open a retail shoe store in the current crisis environment so that it is successful and cost-effective

  • How to Increase Sales with Aroma Marketing

    Understanding the intricacies of scent marketing - an innovative marketing tool that, according to experts, can increase a store's profits by up to 30-40%. How to make air bring you money, tells SR expert - business coach Maria Gerasimenko.
  • How to manage a store in new conditions

    Changed consumer behavior associated with falling revenues could lead to a collapse in retail sales. SR expert Natalya Chinenova talks about the new principles of store management.
  • Clothing and shoes market

    Analysts at Fashion Consulting Group released a traditional annual review of the clothing and footwear market in Russia. Experiments on what awaits us by the end of the 2015 year.
  • Children's shoes market situation

  • GDS International Exhibition - the largest exhibition of shoes and accessories in Germany and one of the largest in the world

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