Shoes Report Magazine #130

  • Shoe franchising

    Today, during a period of economic and political instability, an increasing number of start-up entrepreneurs who are on the verge of opening a shoe business are choosing franchising cooperation. What is a franchise in the shoe market, how does it work, what subtleties do you need to know in order for the project to become profitable for the franchisee? What are affiliate programs? We consider the pros and cons of buying a franchise and opening a multi-brand store.
  • Sports shoe retailers - interactive agents

    Many shoe companies are experimenting with new technologies in retail, but the honorary title of ambassadors of interactive store formats in shoe retail belongs to sports shoe sellers. The first in Russia was Adidas, the second was Intersport.
    Advanced digital technologies are most actively introduced precisely in the sports and fitness industry, where the concepts of personal and technical progress are mixed, creating a body cult supported by mobile applications. Dynamics, comfort, personal approach, entertainment - all that a modern consumer is looking for, he can now find in sporting goods stores.
  • Fashionable shades of September: noble burgundy and khaki

  • What fashion trends for women's shoes are predicted for the fall-winter season 2016 / 17

    The main fashionable themes of the F / W 2016 / 17 season will be four: nature, scientific progress, individualism and team spirit. Four key trends of women's shoes for the next fall-winter season are represented by Galina Kravchenko, a leading expert on the assortment and forecasting trends of Fashion Consulting Group, head of the FCG representative office - FASHIONSNOOPS.COM.
  • How to find an effective retail store manager

    A store manager, store manager or director is the most important link in a trading company’s activities. How can the search for a talented manager be facilitated so as not to make a mistake in choosing, and what qualities should I focus on so that the candidate ensures the commercial success of the company? SR answers questions about the competencies of the leader and shares the secrets of successfully hiring an employee to a leading position.
  • Using visual merchandising technologies to increase customer traffic and increase sales in a shoe store

    In today's difficult period for retail stores, in conditions of high competition and falling purchasing power of the population, one should not be afraid to experiment and introduce new trade technologies, experts say. One of the effective ways you need to keep your brand strong is through visual merchandising. In the specifics of commercial visual merchandising (VM) technologies, we are dealing with an SR expert, business coach and Fashion Consulting Group's leading specialist in VM and showcase Anna Balandina.
  • How to correctly calculate the volume of procurement of goods and create a balanced assortment

    Overstocking is faced by both large chain stores and small ones. Simple forms of calculation will help determine how many products for each product category you should purchase. We understand the intricacies of purchases, SR gives Fashion Consulting Group forms and calculation methods that work effectively both for a single store business format and for large retail chains.
  • The battle for the fall-winter season 2015-2016

    How to mobilize and act effectively in times of crisis
    In what direction is the current economic situation developing and how is it reflected in the fashion market? Is company optimization possible in a crisis? How to work and motivate staff in a crisis? What low-budget tools to choose to attract customers and increase sales? All these issues were discussed and dealt with in the framework of lively communication between the participants of the business program of the EuroShoes 2015 exhibition. The speaker of the report “Battle for the 2015-2016 Autumn-Winter Season” was Maria Gerasimenko, Director General of Clever Fashion Consulting.
  • Commercial real estate market

    The Russian retail market is going through difficult times. Commercial real estate market experts expect that the annual commissioning of new properties in the segment of shopping centers will be 10% lower than in 2014 and will amount to about 1,5 million sq. M. meters. This was reported by the specialists of the JLL company. In the 1st half of 2015, the Russian retail market was replenished with 709 thousand square meters. meters of retail space, which is 41% higher than the result of the 1st half of 2014. At the same time, about half of the total volume of new retail space was commissioned in Moscow (48%) - 342 thousand sq. M. m. Thus, the total volume of shopping centers in Russia by the middle of this summer amounted to 18,3 million square meters. m. In the 2nd quarter of 2015, there was a negative trend: the volume of commissioned space decreased by 25%.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection International Exhibition - a meeting place for Russian shoe business professionals

    Despite the obvious negative trends in the economy, the participants in the Russian shoe market do not intend to give up or stop developing. A survey of participants and visitors of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, held in Moscow in the pavilions of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, 18-21 August, showed that the vast majority of shoe market professionals are optimistic and expect positive changes. According to experts, the shoe market in Russia will begin to recover in the spring of 2016.
    In two pavilions, on an area of ​​7 800 sq. m, which was occupied by the exhibition, manufacturing companies presented more than 400 well-known shoe brands (women's, men's and children's shoes, orthopedic shoes), as well as bags, accessories and leather goods (belts, men's and women's wallets, wallets, housekeepers and other products, covers ), special insoles and products for comfortable wearing of shoes, related products and cosmetics for shoe care, innovative technologies for promoting shoes, decorating shoe store windows. The exposition traditionally included leading European footwear brands from Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, as well as brands from the USA, Israel, Brazil, and, of course, trademarks of Russian manufacturers.
    One of the largest industry exhibitions in Russia, opening the purchasing season, has confirmed its necessity and importance for representatives of the footwear business. Participants and professional visitors - buyers, wholesalers, shoe retail store owners - said that Euro Shoes was the perfect match for them in terms of timing and perfectly fit into their work schedule. This summer, Euro Shoes was visited by a record number of professional visitors - 5 buyers and other professional participants in the Russian footwear market, which is 400% more than in February 20 and 2015% more than in August 10. Moreover, most of them are representatives of various regions of Russia - from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Yakutia to Karelia and the Kaliningrad region. Only 2014% of the total number of visitors represent Moscow, 15% - St. Petersburg and 10% are visitors from the CIS countries and neighboring countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine).

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