Shoes Report Magazine #131

  • Theme of the issue: Shoe care products

    The current market for shoe care products is huge. This product occupies the lion's share of the “bundle” in any shoe store, helping to make good sales in the autumn-winter season. In the features of the assortment, presentation and calculation of shoe care products on the trading floor, in the nuances of sales, we deal with SR expert Julia Belkina, the official representative of the Solitaire brand in Russia. The expert will talk about the pros and cons of open and closed display of goods, as well as about the offers of the cosmetics market for shoes.
  • Recycle technology is a fashion trend and a way to reduce costs.

    Manufacturers make recyclable shoes for the sake of eco-style and try to save on costs
  • Current October models: loafers, high boots, stilettos and reptile leather shoes

  • Three fashionable themes for 2016 spring-summer season children's shoe collections: sea tale, urban wizard, young naturalist

  • Rubber shoes - a new all-season trend and new products on store shelves

    Modern rubber shoes turned into an all-season product and a hit of design collections. We expand with it the assortment of a shoe store.
  • How to motivate sellers to work more efficiently and sell more

    Salespeople, like everyone else, are prone to chronic fatigue, burnout and stress, which can cause their productivity to drop. How can salespeople work more efficiently by improving their customer communication skills? Anya Pabst, SR expert, head of the Russian branch of BEITRAINING, answers.
  • How to arrange emotional selling windows

    Soon, the shop windows will be dressed up in a festive Christmas decoration, attracting the attention of passers-by and inviting them to go inside and buy something. Anna Balandina, FCG's Leading Visual Merchandising and Showcase Specialist, talks about how to influence customer emotions through seasonal display concepts.
  • How to derive an ideal sales formula

    Why are only some sellers able to sell everything, and most of the employees in the trading floor only languidly accompany the goods on the shelves? How to find the perfect seller and increase sales in a crisis? How to ensure the development of the company even in these difficult times? These questions, which are constantly asked by each owner of the retail business, the store manager, the head of the personnel service, are answered by the marketing director of Clever-Fashion, business coach Alexander Lyashkevich.
  • What key business indicators will indicate impending problems long before they appear

    There are about 75 indicators by which you can track upcoming problems in any business, including in shoe retail. Expert SR - business trainer Vladimir Thurman - talks about the most obvious of them and explains how to build the right system of key indicators, based on which you can stop the recession, revive trade and again increase sales in your store.
  • Moscow retail space rental market

    For the III quarter of 2015, not a single high-quality shopping center was opened in Moscow. According to the Welhome consulting company, over the past 10 years, this is the first time such a situation has been observed in the capital's high-quality retail real estate market. Delays in the opening of shopping centers are associated with problems of financing the construction of some facilities and the inability to attract tenants. The decrease in rental rates for street retail space in Moscow continues.
  • Shadow imports are a serious problem for the Russian shoe industry

    According to the official data of Rosstat, the average percentage of shadow imports of footwear (smuggling and counterfeit) is about 30%. The real figures are at least 2 times higher, says Sergei Puchkov, General Director of Obuvprom CJSC.
  • Reports by the SR correspondent from the International Salon of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories MOMAD Metropolis (Madrid) and from the International Exhibition of Shoes and Accessories AYMOD (Istanbul)

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