Shoes Report Magazine #132

  • Theme of the issue: New Year's showcases

    The New Year is always the expectation of a fairy tale and a miracle, and in retail, miracles begin at the storefront. Visual merchandising experts talk about fashion trends in window dressing and give recommendations on the proper design of a New Year's, Christmas showcase of a shoe store.
  • Unisex Fashion

    The androgynous style from the catwalks has stepped into the masses: in the haute couture fashion, male and female have long been mixed up, a few years ago the mass market also began to move in this direction, mixing gender characteristics - models are created that can perfectly suit both him and her.
  • Current colors and models of November

    Ankle boots with heels, wedges and platform, models in the style of sportswear and red women's shoes.
  • Women's shoes for the fall-winter season 16 / 17

    Introducing three key themes for the 2016 / 17 fall-winter season: Gray Garden, Back to 90, Neo-Gothic.
  • Shoes for an elegant age

    More and more brands are paying attention to the age category of customers, given their needs in their assortment policy. People aged 50 to 70 years have impressive savings and high purchasing power.
  • Trainings and seminars in December 2015.

  • Smart shoes

    Thanks to technological progress, today we have at our disposal a lot of useful things, including very comfortable, practical, waterproof, durable and warm shoes. Demand for it is growing in all consumer groups. It's time to expand your product range through smart, innovative and high-tech models.
  • Secret Operation

    An experienced franchisor is well aware that almost all of the key indicators of long-term prosperity and development of its network directly depend on how well its relationship with partners is developing. It is the degree of satisfaction of the franchisee that primarily determines whether the franchise agreement will be extended after the initial deadline, whether there will be re-opening of new outlets and whether existing partners will recommend a particular franchisee to a particular concept.
  • New Year promotions and Christmas discounts

    With the advent of cold weather in retail comes a hot time. New Year's shopping boom is a great opportunity to increase revenue at times and attract new customers. BEITRAINING experts talk about the strategy of holding holiday events and the discount system during this period.
  • Effective development of customer service and competent development of customer loyalty programs

    How often do you communicate with your sellers about improving the work of the store and service, figuring out why customers come to your store and what needs to be done so that they are satisfied and will definitely come to you more than once? Responsible business coach Alexander Lyashkevich.
  • Limitless niche

    Clothing and shoe retail is looking for new consumers among people with disabilities. The Russian Bezgraniz Couture project, in which young designers are developing fashion collections designed for people with disabilities, is designed to draw the attention of clothing and footwear manufacturers to this category of special consumers.
  • Compromise time

    Experts of the international company Cushman & Wakefield have summed up the results of the retail real estate market for the 3rd quarter of 2015. In the first 9 months, 20 new high-quality shopping centers were opened in the regions of Russia with a total GLA (leasable retail space) of 443,7 thousand square meters. m, of which in Moscow - 5 shopping centers with GLA in 306 thousand sq. m. The average area of ​​new regional shopping centers decreased by more than 30%. Fluctuations in the exchange rate and uncertainty about the future position of the ruble are forcing owners and tenants to carefully study the terms of lease agreements and look for a compromise.
  • Wholesale banned? Why shoe distribution and wholesale of shoes is not developing in Russia

    Today in Russia there will be no more than ten serious wholesale companies working in the shoe market. The reason for the lack of development of this distribution channel is the wrong policy of manufacturers mixing different channels of distribution of goods, said Alexander Borodin, manager of the Mila company - wholesale shoes.
  • International Salon of Shoes and Accessories MOMAD Shoes in Madrid.

    The capital of Spain invites exhibitors and visitors to the new specialized exhibition 5-7 on March 2016.
  • Exhibitions “Shoes. World of leather-2015. Autumn "in Moscow

    Despite the decline in sales of Italian shoes in Russia, the Russian market remains strategically important for shoe manufacturers from the Apennines.

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