Shoes Report Magazine #135

  • Footwear market in 2016

  • Email Efficiency

    E-mail newsletters are an effective marketing tool for increasing sales, the greatest return on this type of communication and customer acquisition is on holidays. This conclusion was reached by Experian experts.
  • Information Security

    Retailers are willing to spend more on implementing information security systems and protecting the databases of their employees and customers. Cybersecurity is becoming one of the important cost items of trading companies, especially developing e-commerce
  • Free trading space more

    Experts named 10 the main trends of 2016 of the year in the commercial real estate segment
  • Leftover shoes on market leftovers

    In 2016, shoes prices will rise, and demand will fall. It's time to adapt to a new reality - a decade of rational consumption.
  • Prompt response

    Sellers have already adapted to the new situation with low sales volumes, subsidence of the most popular and profitable segments, resigned to low margins and low traffic. In a crisis, the optimization of stocks must be carried out quickly, without waiting for the start of sales
  • Melting discounts, promotions for selected products and constant positive

    Shoes Report magazine asked leading experts in the field of marketing, visual merchandising, window dressing and branding to evaluate the work of retailers, as well as to give our readers recommendations on how to work effectively with product balances, develop and conduct discount promotions and sales in the current crisis conditions.
  • Advertising: playing on emotions

    To make your advertising campaign effective, involve human passions and emotions. If advertising does not affect a person’s emotions, then you are unlikely to be able to induce him to buy a product or service. So says a recognized Russian expert in advertising Alexey Ivanov
  • Sequestration of salaries will not be

    Most Russian companies with HR budgets will not cut staff costs in 2016
  • Team spirit

    Corporate culture is a complex set of beliefs and expectations that are accepted in an organization / company and shared by its members / employees. With the help of corporate culture, the company creates a common language for its employees, defines the internal corporate norms for building relationships and behavior, and forms the corporate ideology. In our material on how corporate culture should change in a crisis
  • Problem seller

    The success of the deal is 80% dependent on the skills of the seller. The SR expert tells how to solve the problems of a salesperson and teach him to work effectively.
  • Trainings and seminars in March 2016

  • Books

  • Fashion range

    What will be the color palette of key fashion themes for the autumn-winter season 2016 / 17 tells Galina Kravchenko, head of FCG- FASHIONSNOOPS.COM
  • Actual colors and models of February

  • 70's style shoes

  • Silver sparkle

  • Heeled and Wedge Ankle Boots

  • Chocolate gamut

  • Art projects drive trade

    Manufacturers of shoes carried away by the "revival" of cult models of past decades

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