Shoes Report Magazine #137

  • Sandals take a hit

    The children's segment faces stagnation: parents have reduced the number of pairs of shoes purchased for their children from 5-6 to 2-3 per year. However, sellers of children's shoes will still be in the black, unlike companies operating in the adult segment.
  • Interview with the director of the Moscow office of the ICE Agency, Pier Paolo Celeste

  • Italian fashion in Russia

    Italy is the only European country that is among the TOP 5 countries whose shoes are chosen by Russians. Although demand has dropped significantly, Russians still prefer Italian shoes and bags to any other. In 2014-2015 goods from the Fashion and Accessories sector occupied third place in the list of Italian goods imported to Russia.  
  • E-commerce in the fashion segment

    Russian and international monobrands are going online. Forecast for 2016: the Russian e-commerce market will amount to 1 trillion rubles, of which 250 billion rubles (25%) will be in fashion retail.
  • Course towards industrialization

    With government support, it will take 10 years to develop the shoe market in the country. In the development of full-fledged shoe production in Russia, the state should pay attention to two factors - loans and taxes. If you properly rebuild the economic system, the development of the industry will go by itself, says Vladimir Timofeev, head of the Giotto shoe manufacturing company.
  • Are there any advantages in the crisis for the development of Russian shoe production?

    “It is not profitable to produce shoes in Russia yet,” said Vladimir Denisenko, vice president of the RKSO.
  • Will the children's segment grow?

    Market experts talk about the prospects for Russian-made children's shoes.
  • There is a goal, there will be a plan

    Why do you need a sales plan for the entire team and each seller? How to monitor the implementation of the sales plan and motivate employees to fulfill it? Business coach Kristina Voitsekhovskaya answers.
  • High Sales Melody

    What is music marketing and how to use music to increase store sales.
  • Information is the engine of trade

    Effective data management increases sales by 3 times. How to build a reliable customer base.
  • Budget but attractive

    How to decorate a store window correctly and brightly on a limited budget. How to attract the attention of passers-by and what standards should be adhered to when decorating an internal showcase. Showcase expert Alexander Tulyakov tells.
  • Let's learn a little!

    Despite the crisis, the number of staff training in Russian companies has not decreased. The budget for training is provided in 45% of companies, but now they prefer to teach on their own.
  • Interrogative tactics

    The art of aleatherg questions is a difficult science that every salesperson who strives for high sales must master.
    Business coach Anya Pabst talks about how and what a salesperson should say to a client so that a store visitor becomes a buyer.
  • Trainings and seminars in May 2016.

  • Women's shoes spring-summer 2017

    Four main fashion themes for the range of women's shoes: Japanese “Edo”, sweet “Secular Garden”, bright “Harmony in Contrast”, feminine “Summer Bohemia”.
  • Current colors, models and materials for spring and summer 2016

    Denim shoes, all shades of yellow, sky blue, nude tones
  • Individual approach

    Shoe retailers are actively introducing new digital technologies to better understand the tastes of their customers. In the world of fashion trading, a personalized approach to the client is gradually beginning to dominate.
  • Victor Kunz, General Director of Caprice Vostok LLC: “We are true to our philosophy: our company produces only leather shoes”

    Last season was special for shoemakers: due to changes in the exchange rate, the market situation also changed. How this affected the sales of Caprice shoes, Viktor Kunz, General Director of Caprice Vostok LLC, spoke in an interview with a Shoes Report correspondent.

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