Shoes Report Magazine #140

  • Shoe franchising

    Leading shoe franchise experts make predictions and talk about the benefits of this business model by answering questions from Shoes Report.
    What is fraud in franchising?
  • Demographic factor

    The older generation is the most solvent category of consumers, and experts call on retailers to focus on it.
  • Current models of the beginning of autumn-2016

  • Key models for the SS2017 season shoe range

    The international trend bureau FASHIONSNOOPS.COM offers four key topics: “Oasis”, “Tide”, “Splash” and “Race”.
  • Trainings and seminars in October-November 2016

  • Showcases of the season autumn-winter 2016

    About how interesting and unusual to make a shoe storefront this fall and during the New Year holidays, says SR expert Marina Polkovnikova.
  • When work is a joy

    Employee motivation is the most important weapon of managers in the struggle for the results of each member of the workforce and the success of the enterprise as a whole. Anya Pabst, SR expert, business coach, talks about how to use material and non-material ways of motivation.
  • How not to become a horse-driven horse

    Five mistakes made by a manager that hinder the achievement of results, says SR expert, business trainer Kristina Wojciechowska.
  • When closing is the best way out

    Three signs that it is time to close the retail outlet. This year will be a test of strength for shoe retailers, and to stay afloat, it is necessary to optimize the retail network in time.
  • We go to a new level

    Nine tips on how to increase shoe retail sales from US business consultant Robert Stevenson.
  • New Year is around the corner

    It’s time for shoe brands to prepare for New Year’s sales:
    Five strategies for boosting holiday marketing programs
  • You can’t stop talking

    Clientology in the work of sellers. What do your customers really want and how can you make money on it? What can a seller do to leave a lasting impression of shopping? Says expert SR, business coach Maria Gerasimenko.
  • Interview with the owners of the shoe retail chain German Shoes Caprice Anatoly Levshin and Yuri Rodzaevsky

  • Internet rules the ball

    The revenue of Moscow online stores grew by more than 13% in 2016.
  • Shoe brands reinforce online presence

    In Russia, sales of clothes and shoes through online stores are growing. In 2017, their own online stores in Russia should appear among HÖGL and GEOX brands, and Obuv Rossii Group of Companies has planned the creation of a mobile version of its online resource.
  • Buyers look at the choice of shoes

    The Shoes Report correspondent decided to find out what shoes the Russian consumer will choose for themselves in the next spring-summer season, directly from those who make purchases for retail and form a seasonal assortment of shoe stores.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection Exhibition

    From 23 to 26 on August in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, 2017 shoe brands presented their spring / summer collections of 500; 5 700 professional visitors attended the exhibition.

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