Shoes Report Magazine #143

  • American style merchandising

    Christmas New York stores, an American look at visual merchandising and festive window dressing of shoe stores - all this in a special report by SR Kristina Wojciechowska in the USA.
  • Contactless fitting

    The fashion retailer is actively introducing the latest technologies, for example 3D-foot measurement and remote determination of shoe size.
  • Current winter models 2017

    New Year's collections of women's shoes, boots-boots, children's winter shoes
  • Key topics for women's shoes fall-winter 2017 / 18

    In the previous issue, we talked about two of the four key themes of the fall-winter 2017 / 18 season - Odyssey and Indie Folk, in this we introduce two more - Revolution and Intellect.
  • Learning from our mistakes

    Five components that impede the development of retail sales of shoes and accessories - says business coach and organizational consultant Evgeny Danchev.
  • About the features of children's shoes with a membrane

    Manufacturers, distributors and wholesale companies often come across the question of buyers: for what season are children's membrane shoes intended? In the features of this type of shoes we deal with the expert SR Alexander Borodin.
  • Conflict cannot be avoided

    About how to minimize the negative effect of conflicts between sellers, on the basis of which conflicts arise, says business coach Daria Artyukhova.
  • Light effect

    Stylish and economical lighting for a shoe store: lighting expert Mikhail Gusmanov shares professional secrets and practical tips.
  • Interview with Vice President of the Russian office of Analpa Viktor Frolov

  • First Person

    Interview with the Director General of Caprice Vostok LLC Victor Kunts
  • Geographical changes in the commercial real estate market

    International retailers are attracted by shopping centers of small Russian cities, while the activity of foreigners in cities with a population of over one million is reduced.
  • Shoe affection

    The Russians named their favorite shoe brands; only one Russian brand entered the top five.

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