Shoes Report Magazine #145

  • Theme of the issue: What is customer focus?

    How to correctly prepare and conduct the study “Visit of a Mystery Shopper” - says SR expert Maria Gerasimenko. What sellers of American shoe stores pay attention to when serving customers, says Christina Wojciechowska, special correspondent of SR in New York.
  • Shopping centers are advancing

    The changing demands of the market are forcing the management companies of shopping centers to turn them into entertainment venues and “everyday life”.
  • Current models of spring 2017 of the year

    50 shades of gray, Glitter shoes, Shoes and ankle boots with thick heels, Bright range
  • Five key models of children's shoes for the fall-winter season 2017 / 18

    Expert SR Galina Kravchenko talks about the key models of shoes for boys and girls of the upcoming fall-winter season.
  • How to choose the best

    Useful life hacks are provided in his new book, “An Algorithm for Successful Communication in Personnel Recruitment,” recruiting expert Olesya Taran.
  • Service in all its diversity

    Ways to work with clients are changing along with the market and society as a whole. What can the digital age offer retail and how to keep up with the times? Recommends business coach Anya Pabst.
  • Lofts, cozy living rooms and anti-crisis atmosphere

    Four successful interior shoe retail in Russia.
  • Commercial assembly puzzle

    How to create an effective and selling shoe store - recommendations from the leading expert in commercial visual merchandising Anna Balandina.
  • Interview with the founder of the Lefort shoe studio Nikita Zlobin.

  • Interview with the owner of Caprice chain of stores in Krasnoyarsk Evgeny Larionov.

  • Interview with RALF RINGER Sales Director Vladimir Ageev.

  • Companies and brands

    The shoe brands participating in the EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION exhibition present their new collections and retail concepts.
  • Exhibition EXPO RIVA SCHUH

    The shoe exhibition in the Italian city of Riva del Garda, held from 14 to 17 on January, opened the business season of the new year and the marathon of professional exhibitions.
  • Exhibition Sport Casual Moscow

    From 23 to 25 on January 2017 of the year, Izmailovo-Alpha hosted the Sport Casual Moscow exhibition and presentation, which presented collections of sports, casual and men's clothing, shoes and accessories, tourist equipment for the fall-winter 2017 / 18 season.

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