Shoes Report Magazine #147

  • Children's shoes: presentation and sale

    The children's segment is developing rapidly, despite political and economic upheavals. Our thematic selection contains expert opinions, recommendations and life hacks on how to present a children's / teenage assortment, window dressing and retail space, training personnel to work with a children's collection and promoting shoes for children.
  • Current models of spring-summer 2017 year

    Sunny yellow, Fresh greens, Bright fuchsia, Mary Jane style shoes, Tropical exotic
  • In the style of innovation

    Galina Kravchenko, director of the Assortment department of Fashion Consulting Group, talks about the key models of the assortment of women's shoes for the spring-summer season of 2018 innovative styles.  
  • Trainings and seminars in May-June 2017

  • From novice to company soul

    50 From Beginner to Company Soul
    The first days at the workplace can be decisive for an entire career in an enterprise or company. How to spend the period of adaptation is not just painless, but the most effective? Responsible specialist in the field of crisis communication and human resources Anya Pabst.
  • Loyalty to help motivation

    What tools of non-material motivation of sellers will help to increase sales? Business coach Kristina Wojciechowska gives practical answers to this question.
  • We build rhombs

    One of the methods for determining your target audience is the construction of a “price rhombus”, an understanding of the value of goods for which customers vote in rubles. About how to build a price rhombus tells the chief consultant of FCG on business technologies in retail Natalya Chinenova.
  • Chipping shoes: to be or not to be?

    The proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia on the labeling (chipping) of shoes caused a heated discussion among experts and participants in the shoe market. Opinions were divided, their arguments “for” and “against” are given by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and officials. SR conducted a small survey among market participants whose opinions we publish.
  • Transition difficulties

    Switching to online box office proved to be problematic and difficult for retailers. Opinions of market participants.
  • Trends in shoe consumption and shoe business

    According to the market analysis carried out by Fashion Consulting Group specialists, with an optimistic forecast, the growth of the footwear market in Russia (2017FO) will reach 10,1% in rubles (10,0% in US dollars). With a pessimistic forecast (2017FP), growth will amount to 5% in rubles and in US dollars.
  • Exhibitions GDS, MICAM, Morocco Style Textile, “Shoes. The world of leather - 2017. Spring"

    In March-April, the largest industry exhibitions of shoes, bags and accessories were held in Russia, Italy, Morocco and Germany.

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