Shoes Report Magazine #151

  • Shoe store assortment: new approaches

    The approaches to the formation of the footwear assortment matrix have changed dramatically. The unique methodology of Fashion Consulting Group "Assortment Formula" allows you to see the assortment "in full view" and displays the strategic parameters of the business in the assortment groups.
  • Russian style - constructivism

    In Moscow, in the GUM, the exhibition "Fashion for the people! From constructivism to design. ”
  • Current shoe models for fall-2017

  • Children's summer

    Key models of the assortment of children's shoes for the spring-summer season 2018
  • Books

  • Trainings and seminars

  • Infection effect

    How to negotiate with a difficult buyer and deal with the infectious nature of bad mood, says business coach Anya Pabst.
  • Kids love warm light

    About the lighting features in the store / department of children's shoes, about the nuances that must be taken into account, says expert in the field of lighting solutions in retail Mikhail Gusmanov.
  • The formula for success

    How to open an effective shoe and accessories store? Business coach and consultant Maria Gerasimenko talks about what makes up the retail store success formula.
  • There is an opinion

    Interview with Kirill Tsejinov, Managing Partner and CEO Thomas Münz.
  • Sport Casual Moscow

    The exhibition of sports, casual and tourist clothes and shoes will be held on 22-24 on January 2018 of the year.
  • MICAM, MOMAD Shoes

    Italy and Spain hosted shoe exhibitions for professionals

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