Shoes Report Magazine #152

  • New Year and Christmas: preparing the store and staff

    The recommendations of our experts on working with staff, visual merchandising, window dressing, retail lighting and sales will help you to properly prepare for the New Year and Christmas sales and sales season and work out this difficult and very responsible period one hundred percent.
  • Future technologies

    Russian students have developed “smart shoes” with voice control for people with disabilities.
  • Current shoe models for November-December

    Timberland Boots
    Winter sneakers and sneakers
    Knee high boots
    Models with fur trim
  • Winter ideas

    Fashionable themes for the collections of women's shoes for the fall-winter season 2018 / 19.
  • Books

    The most interesting book novelties for professional and personal development
  • Trainings and seminars

  • Star disease

    Conflict resolution: team relations and the “smartest” employee as a challenge to the team. Recommendations of business coach Ani Pabst.
  • Size matters

    Experts discuss options for optimal retail space for shoe retail
  • Interview with Sandro Sardelli, owner and CEO of the Italian company Zodiaco.

  • Italians in Russia

    Shoes and bags from Italy are still dearly loved by Russians: in 2016 more than 5 million pairs of Italian shoes were exported to Russia, the total value of which amounted to 322 million euros, and more than 2017 million pairs of shoes were sold in the first half of 3.
  • Primetime.Shoes, “Shoe World of leather. Fall-2017 »

    Exhibitions of shoes and finished leather products for professionals: in Moscow in October, “Shoes. The world of leather. Fall-2017 ";
    in Frankfurt on January 2018 will be held Primetime.Shoes

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