Shoes Report Magazine #158

  • Theme of the issue: omnichannel model of sales in shoe retail

    Three ways to effectively buy for omnichannel from fashion market expert Galina Kravchenko.
    How to attract a customer from social networks to the store, how to “make friends” offline and online - recommends SR fashion sales expert, blogger Elena Vinogradova.
  • Without extra seams

    Russian craftsmen presented a unique seamless collection of men's shoes Per Nobile.
  • Current models of shoes for the summer-2018

    Sandals on a flat course and thick heels.
    Mules are trending.
    Shoes in nude colors.
    The mood color is blue.
  • The reincarnation of antiquity

    Color schemes in trendy themes for the spring-summer season 2019.
  • Increase profits

    How to increase revenue per square meter in retail sales of shoes - the advice of a fashion market expert, business coach Evgeny Danchev.
  • Personalization and customization: what is the difference

    How to implement a personalized approach to sales?
    Business coach Maria Gerasimenko talks about new approaches to working with customers.
  • Why study visual merchandising?

    SR is talking to Anna Balandina, one of the leading experts in this field, about current trends in commercial visual merchandising.
  • Studying at home or away?

    Pros and cons of training sales staff at work and on the job. Says business coach Anya Pabst.
  • Shoe marking started

    Since June 1, 2018 in Russia launched a pilot project for marking shoes, so far on a voluntary basis. The system operator has been appointed a subsidiary of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies “Operator CRPT.
  • The shoe industry has gone up

    The growth of shoe production in 2017 in the Russian Federation amounted to 7,5%. In total, 103,6 million pairs of shoes were produced in the country last year.
  • Expo Riva Schuh

    The exhibition goes into digital format and celebrates the 90 anniversary
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    The leading shoe exhibition in Russia celebrates 10 anniversary
  • Brazilian Footwear-2018

    From 6 to 8 in June, the Brazilian Footwear showroom was held in Moscow, where 19 shoe brands were presented. Brazilian companies brought 2019 spring-summer collections to Moscow, three of them presented their products for the first time in Russia.
  • ESIB2018 E-Commerce Conference

    Players of the Siberian e-commerce market in May discussed how to increase sales.

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