Shoes Report Magazine #160

  • Omni-channel: multichannel retail reality

    Today it is impossible to imagine a successful company that would not use digital tools in its work. Let's talk about modern online sales channels for a shoe store and SMM marketing. We will analyze the main areas of work and business growth areas in the development of multichannel communications on the Internet using the example of shoe companies in Siberia, the native region of our fashion sales expert, Elena Vinogradova.
  • Hermes opened the curtain

    In Moscow, a unique exhibition “Hermes Behind the Scenes” of the famous French fashion house was held, at which the company's artisans - tanners, handbags, gloves, seamstresses, silk artists - showed their skills and shared the secrets of how they create masterpieces.
  • Ankle Boots - Hit of the Season

    This fall struck the finest hour of ankle boots - the most elegant, most feminine, most beautiful model of women's shoes for the off-season, when it is already cool for shoes, but still hot for boots.
  • From diplomat to string bag

    Key models of the assortment of men's bags for the spring-summer season 2019.
  • Neuromarketing and promotions

    How to increase sales of shoes and accessories by 25% in 30 days? SR expert, business trainer Evgeny Danchev talks about what neuromarketing is and gives recommendations on how to use it in order to increase sales in a short time.
  • Find and train

    Abrupt sales in a shoe store depend on the people who work as sellers for you, their level of involvement in the process, and their interest. Professional secrets are shared by SR expert, business coach Maria Gerasimenko.
  • In the right place at the right time

    Today, the formats of the so-called "spontaneous" retail are gaining popularity. We talk about the pop up store, this format in recent years is quite popular in the United States and European countries. There is reason to believe that the format will take root in Russia as well. Says expert SR Kristina Morozova.
  • Shoes behind inflation

    In 2018, the growth of the Russian footwear market will not exceed 2-3% in rubles, which is lower than the official inflation rate. In dollar terms, the market has not returned to pre-crisis volumes. Such conclusions were made by experts of the Fashion Consulting Group, who published the results of the analysis of the Russian footwear market.

    Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, Russia's largest professional exhibition of shoes, bags and accessories, ended in Moscow, marking the 10 anniversary with a grand party in the center of the Russian capital.
  • Wholesale is dying?

    Experts say that wholesale trade will gradually disappear, however, participants in the Russian footwear market do not agree with this point of view. Alexander Borodin, managing director of Mila - Wholesale Shoes (Yekaterinburg), shared his opinion with Shoes Report.

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