Shoes Report Magazine #162

  • Investing in the future of retail

    The fall in consumer demand and the need to invest in the development of multi-channel service systems pose a number of serious challenges for Russian retailers. The experts of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are sure of this.
  • Outlets are coming

    Over the next year, four new outlet centers will open in Russia.
  • Models for fall and winter from the current 2018 / 19 collections

    Noble burgundy
    Glint of silver
  • From sneakers to all-terrain vehicles

    Men's shoes for the fall-winter season 2019 / 20.
  • Trainings and seminars

  • Internal reserves

    Is it possible to grow a promising employee in your team, and how to do it? HR expert HR Daria Artyukhova talks about how to grow your own professional staff and not depend on labor market conditions.
  • Shoe sales psychology

    Teach your sales consultants not to sell shoes, but the values ​​that it carries for the client, and your sales will go uphill, our expert, coach Evgeny Danchev is sure.
  • New Year's layout

    How to present and sell socks in the pre-holiday period to increase sales? American manufacturers and retailers share their experiences.
  • Online traffic

    How social networks can help the store increase sales and attendance on holidays and holidays are recommendations of our expert, blogger Elena Vinogradova.
  • Shoe marking is a challenge for IT

    The Shoes Report tried to understand how the process of marking shoes, which should become mandatory in the Russian Federation from July 1 to 2019, will go on in practice. Alexey Chernyshev, Commercial Director of Akfa, a Russian shoe and accessories importer, a participant in a shoe labeling experiment in Russia, answered questions from SR.
  • The latest shoe retail events

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