Shoes Report Magazine #163

  • Shoe marking

    Market participants - wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies - on preparations for mandatory labeling of shoes in Russia, which will begin on July 1 on July 2019.
  • Digitalization of fashion

    Memes, collaborations with bloggers and digital technology are the main trends of 2018 of the year.
  • New Year's collections

    Red and black rule the ball
    Greens, Blue and Silver
  • Pioneers change course

    Color solutions in the fashionable themes of the season autumn-winter 2019 / 20.
  • Without illusions, with a clear sales plan and sober head

    How can the seller not “burn out” at work during the New Year’s sales? Professional secrets are shared by expert Daria Artyukhova.
  • Showcase Games

    How to quickly and competently transform New Year's display cases into sale ones in order to meet the changing demands of customers in December-January? Says expert Anna Balandina.
  • From linear to systemic thinking

    What factors motivate sellers to sell more and better? About a systematic approach to motivating sellers - expert Evgeny Danchev.
  • Michele Mutsi, Nando Muzi shoe company: “To create cool women’s shoes, you need to love life”

  • Caprice: 10 years in Russia

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