Shoes Report Magazine #165

  • digital reality

    The main digital trends of this year, which the fashion retail will have to take into account in their work. Predictions are made by expert SR, blogger Elena Vinogradova.
  • Modesty and decency

    In the global fashion industry, a new trend is gaining popularity - Modest fashion.
  • Current trends

  • Hot dozen macro flowers

    The color scheme relevant for the 2020 seasons of the year.
  • Trainings and seminars

  • Mistakes and Errors

    Why an ineffective strategy of the leadership and owner of the retail business can slow down the development of the company and reduce profits? The expert SR Evgeny Danchev answers the question.
  • Work with people

    What are the requirements for a personnel specialist in shoe retail, the features of the work of HR specialists in different regions. Expert SR, Daria Artyukhova, shares the experience.
  • New Customers - Millennials

    Why do brands need to shift to a new generation Y consumption culture? An expert on visual merchandising, Anna Balandina, shares her opinion.
  • Shoes in the light

    Rules and mistakes in lighting shoe stores. Analysis of errors and recommendations from an expert in the field of lighting in retail Mikhail Gusmanova.
  • Labeling is not just for yourself

    AXA plans to establish labeling centers in Europe and Turkey.

    The most famous shoe exhibition met all the expectations announced at the 91 shoe season
  • Trends & Brands

    Overview of models from the collections of brands of the exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

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