Shoes Report Magazine #166

  • Trends in the design of store entrance areas

    The role of the entrance group in shaping the store's image. Marina Polkovnikova, an expert in merchandising and window dressing, talks about the important role of the entrance group in shaping the image of a retail store.
  • Mobile shopping

    Consumers are actively mastering mobile retail: almost half of the revenue of Russian online retailers is already accounted for by mobile traffic.
  • Life in bright colors

    Current models of the spring-summer 2019 season in light shades: white, gray, powdery, nude, blue.
  • Ten macro flowers

    Colors relevant for the seasons of 2020 (2nd part).
  • Little New York Stores

    Overseas retailers are not afraid to mix formats, products, experiment with layout and equipment. Shoes Report correspondent in New York, Kristina Morozova walked along the shopping streets of the Big Apple and saw shops of clothes and shoes, accessories of an unusual format.
  • Shoe lighting

    The main criteria for proper lighting in shoe retail. The topic raised in the previous issue is continued by SR expert on retail lighting and visual merchandising, Mikhail Gusmanov.
  • Perfect sales

    How to achieve maximum benefits by guessing the wishes of the buyer? The expert SR in the field of management and development of fashion retail Maria Gerasimenko answers the question.
  • ShoesRoom by MOMAD

    The largest exhibition of shoes, bags and accessories in Spain was held in Madrid in a new format and on the new venue 1-3 on March 2019.
  • Turkish exposition at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    Turkey seeks to expand business and trade ties with Russian companies.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    The February exhibition was successfully completed in Moscow (February 25-28, 2019).
  • Marking is delayed

    The start of mandatory shoe marking may be delayed for 7 months - until February 1 2020 years.

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