Shoes Report Magazine #169

  • Negativity in social networks: how to work with it?

    We analyze different situations with negative examples from clients on social networks and on the company's website with expert SR Elena Vinogradova on specific examples.
  • Ecotrend is gaining momentum

    World and Russian fashion companies and retailers are launching green projects.
  • Current fall models-2019

  • Key types of assortment of men's shoes for spring-summer season 2020.

  • High sneakers and slippers - fashion hits of next summer

  • Organization of internal logistics

    Where and how do companies lose profits, why does the acceptance of goods by sellers reduce sales? Explains expert SR Yevgeny Danchev.
  • Past VS Future

    Modern motivation system in a retail store. What has changed in recent years? How should seller motivation methods change? Says expert SR Daria Artyukhova.
  • Magnetism and emotion without falsehood

    How to like and sell products to new generations of buyers? Secrets shared by expert SR Anna Balandina.
  • Close, sell or lend?

    The main mistakes in the management of the shoe business. How to adequately get out of an unpleasant situation when your business is faced with a crisis and the question of closing the store has become an edge? Recommendations are given by expert SR Maria Gerasimenko.
  • Optimization of sales in a shoe store

    How to optimize the three main cost items: the purchase of goods, rent of retail space and pay for staff? An expert from SR Natalya Chinenova answers a difficult question.
  • Companies and brands

    The brands participating in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition present their collections of shoes and accessories for the 2020 spring-summer season.
  • Outsourcing labeling is the way out!

    AXA executives shared their successful experiences.
  • Shoe marking will be mandatory from March 1 to 2020

    A new X hour has been identified for the introduction of a new shoe labeling system.

    In Italy, professional exhibitions of shoes, bags and accessories were held.

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