Shoes Report Magazine #170

  • Online retail: sales are growing

    Russians are increasingly buying clothes and shoes online.
  • Profitable cooperation on a fashion field

    Fashion brands continue to work actively with the stars, and such tandems bring huge profits.
  • Current fall models-2019

  • The main shoe trends of the spring-summer season 2020

    Italians dictate fashion for punk, futurism and emotions. Designers presented the main trends at the September MICAM exhibition.
  • "Instagram" in the hands of the seller

    How to use the capabilities of social networks in daily work with customers? Practical recommendations - from blogger and expert Elena Vinogradova.
  • From the future to the present

    A new approach to the development strategy of the shoe and accessories business. Expert SR Yevgeny Danchev shares his thoughts.
  • Adaptation and training

    How to develop and promote mentoring? Says expert SR Daria Artyukhova.
  • Perfect sales formula in a shoe store

    Why is the success of retail sales 90% dependent on the human factor? SR expert Maria Gerasimenko answers the question.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    The results of the summer exhibition in numbers. The leading professional platform in Russia through the eyes of exhibitors: feedback on work at the exhibition.

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