Shoes Report Magazine #171

  • Winter 2019/2020: eco-style and a return to childhood

    The main trends in the design of festive and winter shop windows. Life hacking by design from experts SR Marina Polkovnikova and Anna Balandina.
  • Environmental Pact

    The largest fashion industry companies have signed a commitment to protect the environment.
  • Current models of the second half of autumn-2019

    Cossack boots. From cinnamon to chocolate: shoes in brown shades.
  • Minimalism and earthly motives

    Fashionable themes and key models of collections of women's shoes for the fall-winter season 2020 / 21.
  • Sales psychology

    To establish contact with the buyer and sell something to him, you need to be a little psychologist - thinking, observant and positively inclined. Useful excerpts from Asya Barysheva’s new book, How to Sell an Elephant.
  • Beautiful digital far in retail has already arrived

    Trends and realities of the present that will determine the future of a shoe store in the coming years. Tells expert SR Evgeny Danchev.
  • Shoe Store Performance Indicators

    In business, we manage only what we can count, expert SR Maria Gerasimenko is sure.
  • Is the market ready for labeling?

    Opinions of the leaders of the shoe industry.
  • Shoes Room by MOMAD

    In Madrid, with 20 on 22, September was the largest exhibition of shoes and accessories in Spain.

    The 88 session of the largest European shoe exhibition, which celebrated a half-century anniversary, was held in Milan.
  • Trying to embrace the immensity - you will not embrace anything!

    The view of the market expert, Mila Obuv Wholesale manager Alexander Borodin, on attempts by children's shoe manufacturers to monopolize the market.

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