Shoes Report Magazine #175

  • Battle for sales

    What is happening and how to manage shoe retail in 2020? Recommendations from expert SR Maria Gerasimenko.
  • Perials - who are they?

    The fashion industry is building to pay close attention to people over 55.
  • Scandinavian wind and military aesthetics

    Fall / Winter 2020/21 fashion themes and key men's shoes (part 1).
  • Learning together

    Why should malls teach their stores the basics of merchandising? Anna Balandina, an expert on visual merchandising, answers questions.
  • Choice of fixtures

    What should be the right lighting for a retail store?
    Experts SR Marina Polkovnikova and Maria Uvarova share their experience and life hacks.
  • Lighting in a retail store

    All about the intricacies, nuances and features of professional retail lighting.
  • We mobilize hidden opportunities

    How to make money for a shoe store in the market conditions of a difficult 2020. Recommendations from the expert SR Evgeny Danchev (part 2).
  • Effective offline retailer strategies

    Eight strategic areas for a shoe store to help you stay profitable. Expert and regular writer SR Elena Vinogradova shares her experience.
  • A decade of new fashion has come - sustainable fashion

    The results of 2019 and the prospects of the Russian fashion market from FCG experts.

    Two Italian exhibitions of international importance were held in January on the shores of beautiful Lake Garda.

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