Shoes Report Magazine #176

  • Window dressing trends in 2020

    Four main trends: saturated color, flora, eco style and abstraction.
  • Before and after a pandemic

    What awaits the fashion industry after the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Eccentrics and Futurists

    Fashionable themes and key models of men's shoes for the fall-winter 2020/21 season.
  • Retail Digitalization

    How to move from beautiful words about new technologies to the difficult task of their development? Life hacks on introducing new services for shoe store customers from leading Russian expert in digital technologies Boris Agatov.
  • Once again about the standards of sellers and their motivation

    Analysis of cases from his practice of retail sales of shoes and accessories from expert SR Evgeny Danchev.
  • Emotions and communication will return buyers to offline stores

    Why do sellers need to develop emotional intelligence? Why is a system of intangible motivation for sellers necessary to increase sales? Answers questions expert SR Maria Gerasimenko.
  • "Who does not keep up with the times, may close in 2020"

    One of the top managers of Romer Dmitry Gaydarovich is sure of this.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    The results of the international professional exhibition Euro Shoes, held in Moscow from February 25 to February 28, 2020.

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