Shoes Report Magazine #177

  • Coronavirus crisis: you cannot survive to die

    What awaits the shoe business? How to operate in difficult conditions? Recommendations from expert SR Maria Gerasimenko. Online changes in retail life provoked by epidemics of the coronavirus are analyzed by SR expert Natalya Chinenova.
  • Well thought-out discount policy and delegation of authority

    Case study from the practice of retail sales of shoes and accessories from a business consultant Evgeny Danchev.
  • Time-driven changes

    How the content of the fashion brand in social networks is changing, says SR expert, blogger Elena Vinogradova.
  • Repacking the store

    Merchandising system in the new time: what needs to be changed in the work of shoe retail? Recommended by expert SR Marina Polkovnikova.
  • 2021 color palette

    Four out of ten trend colors: blue, mushroom, gray, green. Forecast from expert SR Galina Kravchenko.
  • Current summer models-2020

    Animalism in bright colors and a flower Legs delight bright sandals
  • Quaran Spawn Quarantine (Tone)

    Consumers are adapting to new living conditions, and retailers should help them in this, FCG experts are sure.
  • Minimalism, mobility, customization

    These and other trends in retail coverage, which were presented at the February EuroShop exhibition in Dusseldorf, where SR expert Mikhail Gusmanov visited.
  • Price issue

    How can a brand owner convince a retail store to work at recommended retail prices? Alexander Borodin, manager of the Yekaterinburg company Mila - Shoes Wholesale, expresses his point of view on the problem.
  • Shops that can save their face will be successful

    The most difficult thing after the crisis will be to return customers and attract new ones, said Yulia Belkina, representative of shoe brands Sioux, Relaxshoe in Russia.

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