Shoes Report Magazine #180

  • Naturalness, eco- and ethnic style, minimalism

    Top Trends in Seasonal Shoe Store Display This Fall and Coming Winter
  • Commission and second-hand shops of the future

    In 10 years, resale will outstrip retail growth in terms of growth rates, and buyers will prefer used items to new ones.
  • Current fall models-2020

    Chelsea, brogues, loafers, oxfords, ankle boots
  • Sandals, Mules & Loafers

    Key assortment of women's shoes spring-summer 2021
  • The main SMM trends of 2020

    Features of promoting shoes on social networks
  • "Blood test" and "bank deposit rule"

    Strategic management of the shoe business. How to manage in a crisis?
  • Guess with size

    Why is it important to analyze the size range of the remains when forming an assortment from the old and new collections?

    The leading industry exhibition-presentation of shoes, bags and accessories in Russia took place. At the end of August in Moscow, shoe brands presented their collections for the spring-summer 2021 season.

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