Shoes Report Magazine #187

  • Competition with marketplaces: is it realistic for a shoe store?

    What should sellers respond to the buyer's objection “The Internet is cheaper”?
  • Resale is actively developing

    Russian marketplaces for reselling things improve customer service and website functionality.
  • Current summer models-2021

    White sandals and sandals. Summer sneakers for men and women. Shoes in beige colors
  • Slip-ons, sneakers, all-terrain boots

    Men's range for fall-winter 2021/22
  • From clean space to maze and loops

    Design rules for a shoe and accessories store
  • Truth and myths about TikTok

    The five most common misconceptions about this unique social network.
  • Exclusive interview with Lillian Roor, ARA Sales Director in Russia

    "ARA Shoes strives to be the most high-tech and innovative manufacturer of fashionable footwear, presenting new technologies and its own developments."
  • Exhibitions in Italy and Turkey resume

    MICAM, Expo Riva Schuh, Eksposhoes will be held this summer in the usual offline format.

    Euro Shoes Premiere Collection has launched a wholesale marketplace.

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