Shoes Report Magazine # 192-193

  • EURO SHOES and CPM will be held in February at the Expocentre

    The only alliance of professional fashion exhibitions in Russia will provide buyers with unique opportunities.
  • Shoes mixed with clothing and decor

    Shoe manufacturers and retailers are increasingly introducing new lines of clothing and accessories to the market.

    Soft workability, comfortable transformation. Key trends and innovations in athletic footwear for the SS22 season
  • Store management

    Why will up to 20% of retail shoe stores close during 2022? Expert opinion
  • Digital technologies

    From user generated content to storytelling. Social media trends in 2022.
  • Success reference

    How the buyer makes a purchase decision and psychological methods to influence it
  • Sneakers and foot health

    Knowledge useful for shoe sellers about the features of sports models, the physiology of the feet and the biomechanics of walking
  • Sale strike on pandemic

    How to survive and make money in this pre-New Year season?
  • Let there be a plan!

    "It Was Smooth on Paper", or Specifics of Planning in 2022
  • Someone will have to leave

    How to work with marketplaces to avoid competition of online assortment with an offline store
  • Companies and brands

    CAPRICE. Results and perspectives
  • Results and plans

    New Year's Eve news of companies and brands participating in the EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION
  • Market

    Sustainable development in the footwear segment. We figure out where we are now and what are the main trends.

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