Brazilian summer in the new Ridlstep collection Bottero spring-summer 2019
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Brazilian summer in the new Ridlstep collection

Ridlstep brings the Brazilian summer to Russia and offers bright collections of beach shoes brands Zaxy, Cartago, urban style shoes Bottero, as well as sport-chic and comfort of the premium brand of footwear made from natural materials Verofatto.

In the spring-summer season of the 2019 of the Brazilian brands Zaxy, Cartago, Bottero and Verofatto, always up-to-date bright colors, trendy sports style, popular Spanish-style shoes with raffia and innovative bright beach models of shoes and accessories made entirely of PVC.

Beach season

proposed to open in Zaxy and Cartago shoes. With the difference that the first brand is intended exclusively for a female audience, and the second for a male one.

Zaxy spring-summer 2019 Zaxy spring-summer 2019

In the portfolio of the Brazilian company Grendene there is a brand of shoes, the production of which is based on the recycling technology of PFs. Thanks to this technology, the company produces unique Zaxy beach shoes for women and children - sandals, flip flops, shoes, boots, as well as bags. Shoes do not get wet, easy to clean, long retain their original appearance, and look extremely fresh due to the original design and bright colors - such a welcome summer, during a beach holiday.

Cartago spring-summer 2019 Cartago spring-summer 2019

Men's sandals and slippers in which you can go not only to the beach, but also to spend summer days in the city with comfort are produced by a Brazilian company under the Cartago brand. The practical restraint of the design and the convenience of the pads, with a wide range of models and a variety of colors, made Cartago sandals very popular, including in European countries.

Hot summer in the city

You can safely meet in the shoes of the brand of the mid-price segment Bottero. It will especially appeal to young girls, and will suit short summer skirts, flying dresses and elongated shorts, which again become fashionable. The brand’s collection includes models of women's shoes from both genuine and artificial leather, with heels and without.

Bottero spring-summer 2019 Bottero spring-summer 2019

It is worth paying attention to open sandals, in the design of which you can notice the presence of natural raffia material, borrowed from Spanish espadrilles, as well as to sandals with cork soles. And since summer is a time of rest, this season in the assortment of any brand is mandatory the presence of comfortable shoes on a flat sole - ballet shoes, sandals and slippers.

All these models, as well as a wide range of shoes made of actual metallic leather, which differ both in shades and in texture, are present in the Bottero model range, as well as in the collection of the premium brand of the same manufacturer Verofatto.

Verofatto Spring-Summer 2019 Verofatto Spring-Summer 2019

In accordance with the latest trends, the collection uses mainly pastel colors, with small intersperses of bright - turquoise, red, pink colors, as well as classic white and black.

By bike and on foot

Summer is the time for traveling on city highways on individual vehicles - by bicycle, scooter or monowheel, while walking in city parks in sneakers and sneakers. Sporty models can also be found in the Bottero and Verofatto assortments.

Verofatto Spring-Summer 2019 Verofatto Spring-Summer 2019

Shoes are made of textured or smooth leather, velor and varnish, smooth or with original accessories, using modern fashionable elements, such as transparent and colored plastics. Style sport chic remains relevant. Soles of different thicknesses and textures, perforations, rivets and other design elements allow you to create a very diverse collection of comfortable and elegant shoes for every day.

Ridlstep is the exclusive distributor of Brazilian brands in Russia - Zaxy, Cartago, Bottero and Verofatto. In addition, the company produces women's, men's and children's shoes under its own brand Ridlestep.

A new collection of this brand will be presented at the shoe exhibition. Euroshoes Premiere Collection.

Ridlstep brings Brazilian summer to Russia and offers a vibrant collection of brands of beach shoes Zaxy, Cartago, urban-style shoes Bottero, as well as sport-chic and comfort premium brand shoes from ...
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